U.S. House of Representatives

Their website is at: http://www.house.gov/
Filename Size
  Ron Paul on the IRS Budget 14 Kbytes
  Ron Paul on Armed Bureaucrats 16 Kbytes
Louis T. McFadden's Speech on the Federal Reserve, June 10, 1932, Congressional Record 152 Kbytes
Louis T. McFadden's Speech on on the U.S. Bankruptcy, March 9, 1933, Congressional Record 105 Kbytes
Leander H. Perez, Speech on the Unconstitutionality of the Fourteenth Amendment, June 13, 1967, Congressional Record 141 Kbytes
 A Citizens Guide on Using the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act of 1974 to Request Government Records 247 Kbytes