The information below was downloaded from the Inform America website at just prior to them closing down in July 2002.  This organization was run by Gordon Philips, who was a fiduciary for the Save-A-Patriot organization (

A Chronological Listing of Past Issues of
(America Law Education Rights & Taxation)

Warning: The following information is beyond politically incorrect and could permanently alter the Reader's brain. Go-Slow Socialists (a/k/a "Conservatives") who favor a gradual descent into the emerging American police state could find their paradigm irreversibly reconstructed in a Madisonian mode, while Fast-Track Socialists (a/k/a "Liberals") should not even think about continuing without adult supervision.


    Demolishing America: The Implosion Of Liberty
    How To Save 100% On Your Income Tax
    How To Become A Victim Of Identity Theft!
08-17-2001    Al Capone vs. The Federal Mafia
08-15-2001    The Federal Pez Dispenser
08-11-2001    The Truth Behind Payroll Tax Withholding
08-03-2001    How To Fly Without ID
07-30-2001    Can I Quit Social Security and Get My Money Back?
07-27-2001    Social Security Is Voluntary Within The 50 States
07-24-2001    You Can Still Be Free...IF...You Want To Be!
07-21-2001    Your Cash Is In The Mail
07-17-2001    Stamping Out "IRS": The Silent Killer
07-13-2001    Government Property Seizures Out Of Control
07-09-2001    Forget Quiche. Do "Real Men" File Tax Returns?


Download all past ALERT's through 07-17-2002 in a single ZIP file
07-17-2002    Know The Constitution or S.C.A.T.!
07-11-2002    An Electrifying Opportunity
07-07-2002    Happy Co-Dependence Day!
05-16-2002    Get Ready For The B.E.S.T. Weekend
05-11-2002    Don't Miss These Freedom Events!
05-09-2002    Keep Your Toner Dry
    Tax Evasion As A Public Service
03-09-2002    Supremes Revise Article 1, Section 1
03-08-2002    You're Under Arrest!
03-06-2002    The New York Draft Riots
03-04-2002    When The IRS Comes Knocking
02-16-2002    On The Road Again
02-07-2002    Home Based Opportunities In The Freedom Movement
01-16-2002    Tax Basics 101: What Every American Needs To Know
01-12-2002    Gordon, An Equal Opportunity Offender
01-03-2002    News You May Have Missed
12-24-2001    Seasons Greetings (From The Legal Department)
12-22-2001    The Affidavit of Revocation and Rescission
12-17-2001    New Monday Night Conference Call
12-11-2001    IRS Workers Destroy 71,257 Tax Returns
12-09-2001    The Teacher's Code Of Silence
12-07-2001    The Reducing The National Debt Con
12-06-2001    News You May Have Missed
12-01-2001    Old Time Holy Matrimony
11-21-2001    Food For Thought On Thanksgiving
11-17-2001    Publius Rides Again!
11-13-2001    Exchanging Liberty For Benefits
11-03-2001    National Sales Tax Hoax
11-02-2001    We The People - Tax Tigers, Scapegoat or Trojan Horse?
11-01-2001    The Hypocrisy of Democracy
10-31-2001    The Limited Power Of Levy
10-26-2001    IRS Agent Blows Gasket, Assaults Citizen
10-25-2001    Hillary Boo'd by Heroes of New York
10-24-2001    Citizen, Can I See Your ID?
10-23-2001    Don't Be A Jihad Joe
10-22-2001    Jackboots And Swagger Sticks
10-21-2001    High Court Ducks Roadblock Issue
10-20-2001    IRS To Nab Social Security Payments
10-19-2001    Spooks, Shorts & Banksters
10-02-2001    No More W-4!
09-30-2001    Judgment Day In Mystery Babylon
09-29-2001    Rent-To-Own A New Computer
09-28-2001    Your Computer Is Your Enemy
09-27-2001    Raiding The Social Security Lock Box
09-26-2001    Tax Negation Technology Workshop
09-25-2001    FAA To Disarm Flight Crews
09-24-2001    Hawala Underground Banking
09-23-2001    Money That Tracks You
09-22-2001    2001 East Coast Freedom Rally
09-21-2001    The War On Tax Havens
09-20-2001    What Was The Motive