On our website, we provide you with a diagram called Natural Order, which shows the hierarchy of political sovereignty and authority within our government.  In Section 3.4 of our Great IRS Hoax Book, we also discuss the concept of Natural Law upon which this diagram of Natural Order is based.  We unify these two concepts together in Red Beckman's online video about Jury Nullification Training, which we encourage you to watch.

Based on the above concepts, and based on the extensive evidence and research on government wrongdoing provided on this website and throughout our Great IRS Hoax, we have said that The Sovereign People have a firm legal basis to indict federal officials who work for the IRS on a massive scale for many different violations of the federal revenue laws, including:

In chapter 11 of the Great IRS Hoax, we describe how to assemble all the elements necessary to build a criminal complaint against officials who work for the government.  The only thing necessary to initiate the process of indicting IRS employees and members of Congress for criminal and personal wrongdoing is to inform the Grand Juries in each of your states and  provide evidence found on this site.  These Grand Juries are Sovereign in investigating and indicting criminal (not civil, but criminal) wrongdoing within their respective territories.  

Every county in every state has their own Grand Jury.  You can usually look up that Grand Jury in your local phone book, and these Grand Juries serve the Public, as well as the local government prosecutors or District Attorneys (DA).  Grand juries are composed of panels that number in size between 9 to 18 citizens who have been drafted to serve on these Grand Juries.  How these people are selected in each county is a mystery in most cases, and in many cases, the people who sit on these Grand Juries do not realize the full extent of their power because the prosecutors who serve (not direct, but serve) them have brainwashed them into believing that they must do only what the prosecutor says.  This is a perversion of the original Constitutional intent of Grand Juries.  Grand Juries are there mainly to keep government power in check and to indict not only citizens who commit criminal acts, but also government officials who have exceeded their delegated authority or who criminally impinge on the rights of citizens.  In practice, we find that few people who sit on Grand Juries know this, perhaps because they were educated in a government public school!  What government would want it's Sovereign People to be educated in its own public schools about the full extent of their Sovereignty over the Government?  It will never happen, folks, which is why we advocate both school vouchers and putting your children in private schools!

You can make a personal difference.  If you have been injured by the actions of the IRS such that you have legal standing to sue a government official for wrongdoing, or if you know someone who fits this description in your area, we encourage you to contact your local Grand Jury and give them a free copy of our Great IRS Hoax book.  Inform them of the violations of rights that have been committed against you or someone you know and encourage the Grand Jury to indict the official who committed the wrong who works for the IRS.  In most cases, this official would need to be located in the territorial jurisdiction of the Grand Jury you are contacting, which usually means the individual at the IRS District Office which services your tax obligation must reside on nonfederal property within the territorial jurisdiction of your local Grand Jury.  The key is that you must indict the individual, rather than the government, for wrongdoing, because if they are acting outside of their lawful authority, they can be held personally liable for wrongdoing under state law.  Otherwise, if you try to indict the federal government in a state court, the federal government will invoke what is called "sovereign immunity", which is a very effective means of evading responsibility for wrongdoing.

We encourage you to look up your local Grand Jury in the phone book or on the World Wide Web and make friends with these people.  Keep them informed of the illegal activities of specific IRS officials in your area and encourage an indictment!

For a listing of federal Grand Juries in your state, click here.

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