What They Believed

Edward William Bok
There are myriads of people on this earth who believe in the divinity of Christ; people of the finest minds and the greatest learning. It is not a mark of intelligence to question divine things. The divinity of Christ is a question of the heart. No one who studies the Life of Christ can fail to believe that in Him the world has a Being unlike any other man, and His own teachings, His own words, His own life are the best proofs of His divinity.

Edward William Bok
Dutch-born American journalist and editor of The Ladies Home Journal
September 1894

James Madison Grover Cleveland Charles Dickens
George Washington Noah Webster Harry Truman
John Quincy Adams Theodore Roosevelt Nathaniel Hawthorne
George Washington Carver Abraham Lincoln Martin Luther King, Jr.
William Bradford William H. Seward Mother Teresa
Patrick Henry Samuel Colgate Henry Clay
Sir Isaac Newton Wernher von Braun Edward William Bok
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Julia Ward Howe