The "Social Contract" that forms the Foundation of Socialism

SOURCE:  Christopher Hansen,

Social Contract between an individual and the United States Government WHEREAS I wish to reside on the North American continent, and

WHEREAS the United States Government controls the area of the continent on which I wish to reside, and

WHEREAS tacit or implied contracts are vague and therefore unenforceable,

I agree to the following terms:

SECTION 1: I will surrender a percentage of my property to the Government. The actual percentage will be determined by the Government and will be subject to change at any time. The amount to be surrendered may be based on my income, the value of my property, the value of my purchases, or any other criteria the Government chooses that will be judged by a valueless “legal tender” debt note (Federal Reserve Notes) that changes in exchange value by the minute. To aid the Government in determining the percentage, I will apply for a Government identification number (USC 42 Sec. 666(a)(13)(A)) that I will use in all my major financial transactions.

SECTION 2: Should the Government demand it, I will surrender my liberty for a period of time determined by the government and typically no shorter than two years. During that time, I will serve the Government in any way it chooses, including military service in which I may be called upon to sacrifice my life, be maimed, be mentally destroyed, be placed under mind control, be given vaccines that are untested and all during and in undeclared and therefore unconstitutional conflicts on foreign shores used to increase the profits of Corporation friendly with or in control of the United States government in actions where I may be called upon to kill women and children and other non-combatants. More limits may be imposed at any time.

SECTION 3: I will limit my behavior as demanded by the government. I will consume only those drugs permitted by the Government. I will send my children into propaganda mills called public schools. I will number my children for life so that they may attend these propaganda mills where they are not protected by normal due process rights (USC 42 Sec. 666(a)(13)(A)) More limits may be imposed at any time.

SECTION 4: I will forsake my religious beliefs that conflict with the Government’s New American Civil Religion and their determination of propriety. I will be tried in Religious Courts of the United States (Tax Courts, administrative courts, hearings, and in most cases United States District Court) without the benefit of a jury even when the amount in controversy exceeds $20.00 (whatever that is). The priest judges in these courts will have total control over the meaning of words and if I do not agree with their definition of words I can be punished for refusing to commit perjury. These Priest judges have total control over what is and what is not Constitutional in their religious courts and need fear no punishments for impeachment is scarcely even a scarecrow. More limits may be imposed at any time.

In consideration for the above, the Government will permit me to find employment, subject to limits that will be determined by the Government. These limits may restrict my choice of career or the wages I may accept. For this employment I will not be paid but given debt notes that have no value in and of themselves and that start reducing in exchange value before I even receive them. To obtain this employment I must obtain a tracking number (USC 42 Sec. 666(a)(13)(A)) that may soon be placed in my hand or my forehead.

SECTION 5: The Government will permit me to reside in the area of North America which it controls. Also, the Government will permit me to speak freely, subject to limits determined by the Government’s Congress and Supreme Court. I may also run for political office if I tell the government how much I spend.

SECTION 6: The Government will attempt to protect my life and my claim to the property it has allowed me to keep. I agree not to hold the Government liable if it fails to protect me or my property. In its attempts to protect my life and property it may take both at anytime enforcement officers feel at risk by any action I take or do not take.

SECTION 7: The Government will offer various services to me. If I accept any services I will lose all rights to my now secondary religious belief to the foremost governments Civil Religion (See Bowen v Roy 476 U.S. 693 (1986) USSC) The nature and extent of these services will be determined by the Government and are subject to change at any time.

SECTION 8: The Government will determine whether I may vote for certain Government officials. The influence of my vote will vary inversely with the number of voters, and I understand that it typically will be minuscule. I agree not to hold any elected Government officials liable for acting against my best interests or for breaking promises, even if those promises motivated me to vote for them. My vote will be tabulated electronically and without any way of recounting said votes. Unknown and unelected individual or companies will hold all the access codes to these voting machines in a secure undisclosed location.

SECTION 9: I agree that the Government may hold me fully liable if I fail to abide by the above terms. In that event, the Government may confiscate any property that I have not previously surrendered to it, and may imprison me for a period of time to be determined by the Government. I also agree that the Government may alter the terms of this contract at any time without my permission.

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Written by Robert E. Alexander with additions by Christopher Hansen