What If?-On 9-11-01 

To any that are grieving at this time:
My thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of sorrow.
Perhaps, with the following, we can ensure
nothing like this ever happens again.

WHAT "IF"? - - On 9 -11- 01

What if there was a group of elite people
controlling countries, governments, associations
and financial institutions worldwide?
A group who’s mandate was to create a "New World Order"
with a set of rules & restrictions to manipulate the masses and
promote their own agenda regarding personal beliefs and values.
Rules that would ensure the allegiance & servitude of people worldwide.
Servitude made to maintain the wealth, status & power of this group,
to ensure that no others could ever offer any resistance or competition.
This elite group’s interest would surely be to increase control,
surveillance and tracking of individuals around the globe.
No one then, could ever escape the group’s attention.
It would also be in the interest of this elite group
to increase fear in people’s mind,
to keep them dependent and powerless.
What if masses of people worldwide started "questioning"?
Questioning "systems", questioning "why",
with a planet of so much wealth and abundance,
that millions are starving and living in poverty;
questioning "why", even in North America,
the majority of people can’t seem to get "ahead" or at least out of debt?
Questioning "why" new inventions and cures,
being created to improve our health and save our environment & resources,
were not being used, but being "bought up" and hidden away?
People also questioning "why",
with EVERYONE desiring "peace" in their life,
that people around the world are still forced to kill each other
for sustenance and personal freedom?
What if there was an ingenious worldwide "system"
in place to perpetuate this cycle of events?
What if all those people "questioning" these things
were rapidly growing in number, growing at an unparalleled rate?
Many, not only discovering the truth;
but also finding ways to avoid the control and manipulation.
This elite group would be "threatened", and would
have to do something to stop the threat and maintain control.
They’d have to do something "big" though,
big enough to divert the attention of the masses.
They’d have to put people everywhere in fear quickly, alienate them
and get them suspicious again of even neighbors & co-workers.
This would serve to keep people "divided, dependent and weak enough”,
to put the final pieces of controls in place;
so this "threat to their control" would not happen again.
("unrestricted" surveillance, increased communications monitoring & tracking,
elimination of private mail & letters is NOW on the agenda)
What if the group knew that if the people felt vulnerable enough,
they’d easily "accept it all", for their "protection"?
What if this was the ultimate intention of this elite group –
"world domination & control"?
What could they DO that would not implicate "them";
but get the desired result?
What if THIS was "THE PLAN"?:

Find an oppressed group of people to use. (a group that represented a large number with a belief system
that rivals the group’s preference for a future
"one religion law" would be a "bonus’ to them)


Give the oppressed group even more reason to be desperate; so they could be driven to "anything" in their quest for attention, help or vengeance.

Plant, within the group, influential people to ensure the elite group’s goals were met.

Provide them money & resources, anonymously, to allow them free reign and access to carry out their plan. 


Make this act, an act of "terrorism". Terrorism is the most effective for generating fear, distrust & chaos.
("better" for them, than an all-out war)


Ensure that the planned target is a country that offers the most resistance to the mandate of the elite group (US).
One that would evoke the greatest outrage & influence if attacked.
A proud country that is known for exacting vengeance when threatened.
A country sharing its boundary with another influential threat (CAN)
would be best, to instill the controls for "both" simultaneously.
To make that second country partly to blame for the act, would be a "bonus’,
to further motivate "controls" and weaken the continent’s "unity". Remember?:

Have the crime ingeniously and flawlessly orchestrated; but leave sloppy clues, after the fact; so the
ensuing suspicions would bring the desired results and actions.


Pass as many new laws dealing with control and surveillance as quickly as possible,
while the majority is in a fearful state
and would feel these may "protect them".
We would be wise to take this as a "wake up call" and
NOT get into any fear-based mentality with our thoughts,
and especially, with our actions.
Perhaps we should question who’s REALLY behind this
and who really "stands to gain".
I believe we shouldn’t STOP at the "easy" answers
or even with the actual perpetrators;
but question this all the way to the top –
to the REAL power that may be "pulling the strings".
The ones who may be "using" these terrorists (whoever they turn out to be)
for a much BIGGER agenda,
and allowing them to be convenient and efficient "scapegoats".
We should however, question the perpetrators;
and try to understand "what really happened".
What could have motivated them to such an extent
that they felt "justified" in such an act?
The answer to these questions I’m sure,
will give us a good idea what’s wrong on our planet.
It will also give us the opportunity to try and finally "solve"
some of these problems ONCE & FOR ALL;
so something like this may NEVER have to happen again.
Which makes more sense to you? –
"Beefing up security & controls"
so we’ll ALL suffer from the added lack of freedom;
or finding a SOLUTION for a CHANGE?
(I think we’ve all had ENOUGH of the
"You have 10 bombs; so we’ll get 20" scenario.)
We should see this as an opportunity for "change",
to look at ALL the conditions and motivations
involved and do things "right" this time.
We need to start "caring" (not "hating").
Stop the "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth"
mentality that has plagued us for centuries;
The truth that as a country and as a planet:
"We can stand "united"; but divided we will fall".
We need to finally come to the realization,
that when we come from love,
it creates a "lasting" power that can ensure
the ultimate VICTORY FOR "EVERYONE".
Who will be the country, nation, group or individual
that will take a stand for the rights & liberties of "all" people on this planet?
It’s time we serve the good of ALL, not just a few with influence & power.
Who’s "big enough" to do something "constructive"
instead of "destructive" this time around?
Who’s with me in spreading the LIGHT of TRUTH?
What if that someone was YOU?
There’s a chance, depending on people’s level of fear & complacency,
that this may be one of the last opportunities for free speech via the internet,
since it has now been conveniently linked to September’s events.
Plans are underway, as this is being written, to close this last uncontrolled medium.
If this resonates ANY credibility within your belief system,
"THANK YOU" for your time, attention and concern. 

 In anticipation of a better tomorrow …….

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