December 31, 2003
By Jan M. Jacobson

In the Everglades, a consortium of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with socialist motivations, and agencies with expansionist agendas have introduced large-bodied predators in the one place in the entire Everglades where there are more people, using both public and private facilities, in less space than any other location.

The ParkPersons saw fit to release several Texas panthers between two Park Service campgrounds and two schools, one run by ParkPersons, the other a privately owned and operated educational organization.

From a panther's perspective the tents of the campers are potential "Snack N A Sack" situations, the pets of the campers are the appetizers -- and this is the good news.

The bad news is that, according to the literature, panther attack analysis shows that the cats prefer children in the 5 to 9-year-old range.

The ParkPerson-operated school deals with elementary school age students.

And the panthers have been seen with front paws on the four-foot-high fence, looking the situation over.

By the way, they can leap at least ten feet high, so the fence affords no protection at all.

But, are they a risk? Consider the following. Not only are there at least ten attacks on humans annually, but there is one fatality annually.

Fatality means being eaten by the "large-bodied predator," to use a biologist's term.

Eaten -- as in clawed and bitten, hopefully to death -- before being eaten by the "reintroduced" panther.

How did this situation come to happen, anyway?

The project perpetrators claim the 'Florida Panther' is "endangered." That claim is an egregious lie, and they have known so for at least ten years.

There is no such thing as a "Florida" Panther.

The many USA subspecies, including the 'Florida Panther' are now known to science to be, in fact, one species.

The Florida "sub-species" Felix concolor coryii does not exist. No subspecies are valid.

All panthers north of the northern border of Nicaragua, all the way to the Yukon and from Atlantic to the Pacific, are one species.

In the May/June, 2000, issue of the Journal of Heredity is an article titled 'Genomic Ancestry of the American puma' (Puma concolor). The DNA evidence is clear and conclusive, "...the entire North American population (186 individuals from 15 previously named subspecies) was genetically homogeneous."

Translated from scientific-ese that means: one species.

Once again: DNA analysis proved there are no sub-species of panther. Just the one species.

Why would enviro-socialist organizations (NGOs) and a horde of agency scientists continue to use the term endangered species -- when all involved know better?

Why has no scientist come forward to ask that the panther program be shut down, as it is being fraudulently funded?

Tax dollars must only be spent to benefit a bona fide "endangered species" as defined in the Endangered Species Act.

Nowhere in the Endangered Species Act is there authorization to spend tax dollars on a species which is shot as vermin in Texas and hunted in a number of states.

The Texas cats "reintroduced" into my neighborhood morphed from varmints to "endangered" when the NGO agency crowd "reintroduced" them here.

Same cat - different status.

Remember, all panthers north of Nicaragua are one species!

The 32 sub-species are now known to be invalid.

There is only one panther in North America.

Why is this happening?

Consider money, and as always, power.

Let's start with money. NGOs receive contributions, etc., because they claim to be helping an endangered species. It isn't endangered, and they know it. The panther isn't endangered -- but its 'endangered' status made it a cash cow for the NGOs. " Moo," the sound of the cash cow. "Moo" -- as in moola -- lots and lots of moola.

Another population of "panther profiteers" consist of researchers whose jobs depend on the Endangered Species status of the 'Florida panther.' They are the beneficiaries of plush agency jobs.

Wouldn't you like to be paid to fly around looking at the Everglades while "tracking" radio-collared panthers?

And let's not forget to mention those paid to spread panther propaganda through schools, radio and TV interviews, and magazines. The Florida Wildlife Commission even had its own magazine, with lots of breathless articles, complete with soulful-eyed panthers.

Always there's the same agenda message: more money, more government owned lands, more regulations on remaining landowners, more restrictions on public access to public lands.

All to keep the poor endangered panther from going extinct -- except the cat wasn't in danger of extinction at all.

And all those fattening at the public trough knew this for at least ten years -- and they did it anyway.

Taxpayers were scammed into voting their descendants (and their descendants) into debt for nothing more than power for the NGO power perverts and the bureau-scientists who wanted salaries and grant monies that they knew they couldn't justify otherwise.

Another point worth pondering is that the Florida native cats were exceedingly secretive, because those which had any behavioral tendencies to confront man in any way had been shot out long ago. The introduced panthers are Texas cats, and they have the same insolent attitude regarding man that has become newsworthy as these western cats attack some ten humans annually, and kill at least one annually.

In Texas, such behavior has led to varmint status and Texans shoot panther when they want -- no season, no limit.

This type of behavior was eliminated from the Florida panther gene pool decades age -- not by some agency scientist, but by natural selection and armed citizens.

Yesterday I videotaped a private landowner, a retired, handicapped landowner who lived down the road from me.

He described how two of these "reintroduced" Texas cats boldly walked the length of his yard and had passed within fifteen feet of him.

This was after he had had to listen to a wild pig being killed and eaten less than 30 feet from his lawn chaise lounge where he rests.

This in the same insolence described in the literature, insolence which occurred before such western cats attacked people.

In case you don't want to go through the scientific literature, try Reader's Digest from a month or two ago, whose cover article was about such panther behavior in Boulder, Colorado. There, brazenly aggressive panther behavior preceded panther attacks.

In Colorado a high school student was attacked, dragged some distance -- while still struggling -- and eaten. I do not plan to become panther scat -- these cats must be removed immediately.

These same, sordid collection of 'panther profiteers' had to remove panthers being "reintroduced" from north Florida because the same behavior mentioned in the RD article occurred there.

Worse yet, the literature shows [proves] that they knew this was going to be a problem -- but did it anyway.

They lied to both the public and the press.

Samuel Clemens [Mark Twain] once advised against "picking fights with those who buy ink by the barrel." I am curious to see what happens when the reporters, radio and TV interviewers, and a number of authors discover that they have been lied to about the 'endangered' status of the Florida Panther.

But far worse than offending the media or collecting contributions under false premises, is the damage done to the basic fabric of this society.

Citizens voted huge bond issues and indebted their children -- based on lies.

The American Republic is based on an "informed electorate," to quote Thomas Jefferson.

Such lies meant that many went into voting booths having been deliberately misinformed by agencies and organizations they had trusted were telling the truth.

That, in my opinion, is despicable.

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