by: Dan Lynch
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Pavlov, Ivan Petrovich (1849-1936), Russian physiologist and Nobel laureate, best known for his studies of reflex behavior. Pavlov may not have loved the communist party but it didn't stop them from using his work. The Soviets were kind enough to allow the doctor to continue his work, which the party no doubt used to the fullest of their abilities to meet their agenda.

I don't believe this conditioning process was unheard of before his time. Patriotic love, love for the Monarchy or Emperor or even a Diety have all conditioned us to respond socially correct, even politically correct (which is also a Soviet phrase).

What Pavlov may have done was refine the technique to demonstrate the conditioning process. The famous bell. What our Russian friend did was open discovery to the multifaceted mind conditioning structures that have been used ad-nauseum here in the west by the marketing capitalists to get us to eat, drink, or go on vacations.

Feminists work with the same technique on an expanded level. Its irrelevant for me for the purpose of pointing out Pavlov's techniques as to whether feminism is a product of Marxism or soviet mind conditioning the purpose is to expose the technique for what it is and to teach the reader how to use it at will. To in fact learn how to ring the bells. Not just to piss off feminists for the sake of watching them froth. But to use the massive amount of geared up resources feminists have to influence policy and societal direction.

Feminism is an ideology, and like all ideologies they are implanted. By use of the senses, and in this case perhaps all 6(sic) of them. Like a conditioned herd of cows ready to jump on our every move as soon as they hear that bell ring.  To correct us when we are wrong. To slap us down. To frown or even become physically violent towards us. They chant tolerance and equality. But they seek the very opposite.

The "bell" or trigger mechanism comes in many forms. When we hear the words "sexism", "gender", "rape", "domestic violence", "anorexia", "wage gap" etc..... The list is growing daily and will include other forms such as "sexualization" which briefly is gender role playing. An accusation of "sexualization" can consist of a father hugging his daughter. The trigger mechanisms are of sight, sound, touch, and intuition. As, women are constantly reminded to rely on their intuition. Conveniently however their "intuition" is bombarded with constant images of propaganda of how evil and violent men are. Their minds are conditioned so as to see 'sexism' where 'sexism' may not exist.

Most every intelligence or counter-intelligence agencies understand Pavlov's techniques resolutely. There are many books out there in the mold that discuss " Mind Conditioning Tactics", "Brainwashing". Nobody assumes that it has happened to them, and nobody assumes that it is happening on a large mass scale. We can look to the Universities of our day to see mass scale propaganda. Or one could read Plato's Republic on the conditioning of such a state. Where biased and one sided information and censorship is greatness but the truth is not. Where men like Aristotle are tyrannical and considered terrorists.

George Orwell wrote 1984 in 1948 as a vile criticism of Stalin's politics. While most of the English publishers were bashing the Nazi's at the time in Orwell's earlier years of journalism, nobody dug into Stalin's abuses of power. It is believed 30 million people died at the hands of Stalin. Dissenters were taken off and never seen again. No trials, no rights, nothing. The state of daily life was one that anyone could accuse you of a crime of dissention at any moment, at any time. Clearly the state of things in family courts proves this offhandedly.

Feminists like Marxists or communists have one thing in common and that is their target enemy. The family. After the fall of Communism, Fascism and Nazism we all just assumed that they crawled under some rock somewhere and died out as if in the bunker with Hitler. We were wrong, all it did was change faces and mutate into another form and bided its time. It simply uses gender to meet its ends in its unsung patriotic love.

We always assumed that when Fascism returned it would look like a dominant young well armed man wearing a soldier suit. We never expected that it would look like a young woman working for some social agency as a volunteer. And this in lies where the "Trigger mechanism" is inserted like a social bomb waiting to go off.

Almost any social agency there is in regards to women and violence is probably a bastion of Marxist propaganda. Erin Pizzey famed social worker continually advocates to this day of how her efforts to get the first women's shelter federally funded was hi-jacked by anti-male communists looking solely to advance their agenda. Women in a fragile or enraged state would end up at these shelters looking for help and getting Marxist indoctrination instead.

Most anyone knows that it is very difficult to get inside these secluded and closed off shelters to see what really goes on inside. Videos and pamphlets are readily available to anyone who enters. Statistics upon statistics of gender definable definitions are marked. Videos of women being abused violently with no where to go, no one to rely on or depend on accept for these nice women at the shelter. Typically no men are ever allowed near a shelter and in this day and age its not even questioned. Well I question it and I urge you to do the same. It is in these shelters were the implantation of the trigger mechanism was most cultured and developed into the victim ideology it is today. Blanket statements, statistics, manufactured images , books and therapy sessions all designed for the same outcome. A modeled feminist ready to respond like seething animals at the first hint of discrimination or violence against women. It having become a full fledged mainstream thought process in just a short time.

As time goes on events like the "White Ribbon" project have taken this to mainstream media. The 'Take Back The Night', gets women out into the rallies which in reality are "hate fests". They point out an evil oppressor from a target group, they show his face and spout how many women are victimized that year or murdered by their male partners. You can always see words like "outrage" "where's the justice", or even in its own right 'Take Back The Night', that implies and instigates. Wearing white ribbons in a patriotic like frenzy. Like Nazi soldiers self identifying themselves, knowing full well who the "vermin" are. Men are asked to write letters of confessions and promises never to commit violence against a woman again. Women are not asked to do the same.

All these things are installed, anger, hatred, identity, malice, revenge. Men are never seen as victims. In fact women are conditioned to "scoff" at the idea. Women are always helpless and are by gender default and no other reason not guilty. This is constantly pounded into them with pamphlets, lectures, videos, and other manufactured images that tailor how women should react in almost every situation. Virtually replacing the individual woman's identity for the herd movement. Women are displayed with images of extreme drama. Like watching Clock Work Orange with the rogue being institutionalized and socially engineered. Women see a woman respond in fear, they become like them, or believe that it is the reality of how things happen. It is always the state who seems to benefit from all these moves.

Women (and men), like sheep ran to make laws to protect women or rather punish men for domestic violence all the while seeing images that prompted women to provoke violence or to batter men as a form of "empowerment". Now that women have been conditioned to commit violence even more they will end up in jail even more. This is why there is always the upset in the balance of images in the media. It frankly is a divide and conquer scheme. Rile women up against men, coax them to make more "totalitarian" laws to falsely protect women , entrench the laws using men then finally turn the laws against women as well thereby subjugating the whole of society.

Schools are not much different anymore. Telling women or rather young girls that marriage is entrapment, that children are a burden. These little tidbits of information are subtly inserted into course outlines. Even in many cases where feminists are quotes as saying "Feminists cringe your teeth", meaning to see red or anger, become riled. To respond with anger , hate, malice. If men are worried about 'fatherhood' being destroyed, these feminists are well on their way to destroying motherhood but convincing women it is in their best interest to accept such a thing. Women's Studies Courses are also a key cultivator that concentrate on how women are sexually objectified and its all men's fault. This one sided anthropology class serves only propaganda so long as it only serves one side of the story.

In Stalinist Russia, population control was always a factor. And since it takes massive amounts of propaganda to ensure such a society the state will do whatever it can to grab ones children at even earlier ages than before. Specifically to insert Marxist dogma. With women, the feminist party has been able to convince them that abortion was in their 'best' interest. They are now currently convincing women that daycare for children is also in their best interest. Many women accept this. The feminist party has successfully excited men out of the lives of their children on a large massive scale, using propaganda and biased one sided research that all to many politicians were ready to jump on the band wagon for. Now, this conditioning process or 'trigger mechanism' can be inserted into the very young, very easily and women have been convinced this is the best thing for the child. Soon women will be removed from children's lives as well.

As women work in the world it all but makes sense that we have more government "help" to make things easier. While women are convinced they are fighting for their rights of equality they are sacrificing the freedoms of generations to come, who will no doubt be set in subjugation to the state.

Women were a good choice for this movement as they did not work and they were already volunteering their services for the community in many ways on a large scale. Giving largely to the church their time and efforts, raising their children and having not so much "free time" as unaccountable time. Unlike men who were committed to jobs and the responsibility of bringing home money. Just as Marxists had to destroy the family unit in Russia, it had to destroy the family unit in the west. They appealed to women with "feminism". Women were told they were the "subclass". That their positions in life should be reflected upon. In every single way the feminist party tried to anger women. From wage disparities, to jobs, to the burden of pregnancy. Promising freedom , liberation and "equality". Constantly ringing those bells.

Feminism eventually urged women to attack the church for not allowing women into the cardinal positions. Though a true and valid point, this isn't about the good of women, but rather what women possessed that the feminist party could use in this area and that is free and cheap labour. Women were and are being recruited into social services volunteering to fight for "equality", their real function is to become political thugs and regurgitate political propaganda, stamp their feet, censor truths and re-engineer society. Ironically unbeknownst to them. One of the biggest reasons feminism despises Christianity is because of its fundamental belief in "forgiveness". Victim Feminism would shut down completely if the concept of "forgiveness" got out of hand. It in fact would destroy the trigger mechanism of feminism completely.

As an individualist or even a libertarian minded man I have no problem with a woman or anyone questioning their lot in life, this is not the issue. All the freedom, liberation and equality did not go to women it went instead to the state. Women on their own really don't have much of a say and any women or women's groups that run contrary to this agenda do not get a voice. Remarkably most of the successful women in their own rights are not recognized by feminists unless they meet the specific guidelines of the feminist party agenda. Making it a totalitarian movement.

Nothing hates women more than feminism does, feminism hates exactly what women are, it hates what men are it just hates and hates. Feminism hates motherhood, it hates children it is exploitative and it is corrupt. However feminism is not a birthgroup it is an ideology, it is an ideology created fundamentally out of Pavlov's conditioning practices used to terrorize women, turn them into political thugs that are suspicious and reportive to the state. It denies women their nature and enslaves them into an unconscious state and divides them against men in order to conquer them to subjugate them. To feminism women are nothing but a vehicle to an end. Feminism will ride the backs of women until it meets its goal, than it will shoot women to the ground and leave them to die.

It is believed that about 50% of men are out of their children's lives, this will not stop here and , it will move on to women until both men and women are 100% out of the lives of their children. All in the name of "progress" and "family law". Certainly double speak language if I ever saw it.

As men, we can not blame women for this mess. It is pointless to blame ourselves, the only reason it happened is because we set out to protect our daughters and sisters, something that was embedded in most of us being born men. As I have pointed out, forgiveness, kindness and understanding is Feminism's greatest threat. The truth in research is what's needed. Love is what will disarm the "trigger mechanism" of feminism.

Some of the groups that are vested in discriminating against men via feminism are: Any and all of the offshoots of the Divorce Industry. The Federal State. Even corporations that have learned to ring Pavlov's Feminists bells. The Police. Criminal Lawyers. The List is almost endless.

You too can use the "herd" that is known as feminism. You can use it to sell things. To attach your name to a cause to gain fame or notoriety. And the better you ring those bells the more power you can draw from feminism as a group. It is a massive conditioned herd that is completely unaware of its plight. You will begin to see the images in the Media, and learn how they market to feminists and the mass conditioned herd of Stalinist Russia. Capitalists capitalize off them. Socialists like to skim off the top of their money transfers. My former professor must see a utopia in feminism as he promotes 'Women and Violence' programs in his Mediation Sociology courses where he must make money hand over fist, as well as make political legal reform. There is someone behind the curtain of "Feminism". And all its instruments are in place for you to utilize all you have to do is learn how it can work for you. It is a massive resource and it is also a shame.