Candlelight, flowers, and mood music are nice...but they do not necessarily a romantic date make. We at Romance tips spend a lot time offering suggestions for specific date ideas -- like taking him for a midnight picnic on the beach, or creating a "favorite things" date for her by making her favorite dinner and watching her favorite movie. However, we haven't offered much in the way of principles for romantic and fun dates. Until now, that is.

In our tireless research and extensive dating research (going on hundreds of dates is hard work, let me tell you,) we've noticed five elements that the most romantic and successful dates always contain. And in our effort to make the world a more loving and romantic place, we've decided to let you in on them.

1. Surprise--The element of surprise is a very powerful tool. It shows foresight and planning, it says "I care enough about you to go to lengths to, well, surprise you." Women especially seem to relate surprise with romance. It doesn't need to be an elaborate scheme, either. For your next date try telling your sweetie to be ready at a certain time but do not tell them where you're going or what you'll be doing. Pick them up and blindfold them for the drive, then take them to a new spot -- perhaps a park or restaurant that has just opened. Tell your love that you found this spot and it made you long to surprise him/her with it.

2. Creativity-- Do you find your dating life or marriage falling into a rut of the "same old's?" Same old Friday night dinner and a movie date, same old lingerie, same old conversations? Creativity in your dating life keeps things fresh and passionate. When was the last time you did something silly on a date? Had a pillow fight or water war? Finger painted? Read poetry out loud? Dressed in strange clothing? If you've never done one of these things, try it on your next date. Better yet, combine two or more of these activities!

3. Interest-- Okay, this seems like a no-brainer, but for a successful date one or both of you need to be interested in the activity. Its best if both of you have a modicum of interest, but not absolutely necessary as long as the bored party is keeping an open mind. For greatest success in planning a romantic date, seek to celebrate your partner's hobbies or passions. Does he like basketball? Surprise him with two tickets. Does she love art? Take her to a new museum exhibit. Even if you can't tell Michael Jordan from Pablo Picasso, grin and bear it. Chances are your beloved makes similar concessions for you so there.

4. Planning-- The most romantic date I've ever been started at 4:45 am. I was very reluctantly roused out of bed by my then-boyfriend who drove us to St. Augustine Beach to catch the sunrise. We spent most of the day at St. Augustine until he drove us to the other coast of Florida to catch the sunset. I was so impressed by his planning out the entire day -- timing it all just right, making meal reservations, etc. Planning is what separates a truly impressive and memorable romantic date from a mediocre one, a sunrise and sunset shared from just another meal and a movie.

5. A Sense of Humor-- As much as I've waxed poetic about my beloved's great planning skills, what if it'd rained that day? With great advance planning, of course, he'd have had a Plan B but he'd still need a great sense of humor. Even with the other four elements -- surprise, creativity, interest, and planning-- dates can still be affected by circumstances beyond our control. The ability to laugh together is the mark of great romance. Horribly ruined dates can become private jokes and fond memories if you keep your sense of humor intact.

So go on out there and break some hearts, killer. Now that you know the elements of all great dates you have no excuse for ever planning a bad one again. (And if you do at least we hope you can laugh about it later!)

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