The Saga of Yahweh Ben Yahweh-Media Bias in Action
August 25, 2001
 The Saga of Yahweh ben Yahweh

 By Dr. William Pierce

 An Associated Press news story recently caught my attention. The story  was about the release from prison this week of a Black religious leader,  who calls himself Yahweh ben Yahweh. His name actually is Hulon  Mitchell. He's a former Black Muslim, and, in fact, he ran a Black  Muslim mosque in Atlanta for a while in the early 1970s, until he was  accused of sexual improprieties with underaged Muslim girls and dipping  into the collection plate. He dropped out of the Nation of Islam, where  he was known as Hulon X, and in 1978 founded his own church, the  so-called Nation of Yahweh, with a religion based on Judaism. He calls  his followers "Black Hebrew Israelites" and tells them that they, rather  than the Jews, are the "chosen people" ordained by God to rule the  world, as described in the Old Testament. He took for himself the name  Yahweh ben Yahweh -- that's Hebrew for "God, the son of God."

 So why should we be interested in yet another megalomaniac religious  cult based on Judaism? Well, the thing of interest to us about the  Nation of Yahweh is the initiation requirement Hulon Mitchell  established for the elite, inner circle of his church, the so-called  "Brotherhood." The requirement was the murder of a White person, and the  bringing to Mitchell of some evidence of the murder, such as an ear or  even the head of the victim. In fact, Mitchell preached to his whole  congregation that the killing of White people -- of "blue-eyed devils"  -- is pleasing to Yahweh.

 By the time the police finally wound up Mitchell's race-murder cult in  November 1990 and packed Mitchell off to prison, his followers had  butchered and mutilated at least 23 men, women, and children, 14 of them  in Miami alone. Some of the victims were recalcitrant members of his own  church, and the Associated Press story doesn't give a racial breakdown,  but the figure I've seen elsewhere puts the number of White victims at  16. Mitchell spent a little over 10 years in prison. That works out to  about eight months for the murder of each "blue-eyed devil." He was  released on parole earlier this week.

You didn't hear about it? You didn't see anything about it on CNN or  network television? You shouldn't be surprised. It's not the sort of  news that the bosses of the controlled media want you to know about.  There was a story about it last Saturday in the Washington Post, but the  entire thrust of that story is the infringement of Mitchell's civil  rights by the conditions imposed on him by the parole board that  released him. The Washington Post article is not headed "Black Cult  Leader Who Ordered Ritual Murder of Whites to Be Released." Oh, no! A  headline like that would be considered "racist" by the people who run  the Post; they are afraid it might make White readers wary of Blacks. It  might even lead some readers to ask questions, such as, "Why has this  nutcase Black murderer been turned loose?" -- although I myself am not  so optimistic about the ability of White Americans to figure out who  their enemies are and react appropriately.

The actual head on last Saturday's Washington Post story is "No Freedom  of Religion for Yahweh," and the subhead is "Parole Commission Limits  Contact with His Followers." There's no mention at all in the story  about the initiation requirements for the "Brotherhood" or of the ritual  murder of "blue-eyed devils": just one cryptic mention at the end of  Mitchell playing with the severed ear of a White victim. The story deals  almost entirely with Mitchell's contesting of the conditions imposed on  his parole by the parole board. They told him that he couldn't have any further contact with the more than 1,000 members of the Nation of  Yahweh. His lawyers have gone to court to have the conditions on his  parole removed.

You know, I remember the same sort of reluctance on the part of the  controlled news media to report the details of Mitchell's activities 10  years ago, when he was arrested, charged, tried, and sent to prison.  There was minimal publicity, as if the media bosses were embarrassed by  the whole affair.

It's worth our noting that Mitchell got his idea for the initiation  requirement into his so-called "Brotherhood," the inner circle of his  church, from a similar operation by the Nation of Islam during the time  he was a member of that group. I talked about this in a broadcast a couple of years ago, but it's worth repeating. During a six-month period  in 1973 and 1974 -- and Mitchell was a high-ranking member of the Nation  of Islam then -- an elite group inside the Nation of Islam called the  "Death Angels" murdered several hundred White men, women, and children.  The exact number will never be known because many of the victims were  so-called "street people": runaway teenaged girls on drugs, hippies, and  the like -- people who weren't missed when they disappeared.

There were many of these pitiful lost souls on the streets of San  Francisco in the 1960s and the 1970s: products of the great "counterculture" revolution promoted on American university campuses by  Jews like Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman in the 1960s. Their corpses  often were hacked up and dumped in the ocean or buried. But the San  Francisco police who tracked the Death Angels counted 15 very tangible  victims from all walks of life, not just street people: 15 murdered  White people, and eight others who were seriously injured during  attempts to murder them. While they were looking for the killers the  police referred to the series of murders as the "Zebra" killings: all  Black on White.

Eventually the Death Angels were broken up when San Francisco police  arrested eight of them. Four of them were put on trial, and after the  longest trial in California history -- a year and six days -- they were  convicted on all counts. The transcript for the trial fills nearly  14,000 pages and fills 141 volumes. During the trial, one witness,  Anthony Harris, a Death Angel himself, spent 12 days testifying to the  horrifying details of Death Angel operations. The Nation of Islam taught  that the killing of a "blue-eyed devil" is pleasing to Allah, just as  Hulon Mitchell later taught that it is pleasing to Yahweh. Inside the  Nation of Islam there was an elite organization whose members had  especially pleased Allah. That was the Death Angels. To become a Death  Angel one had to murder nine White men or five White women or four White  children. In 1974 the San Francisco chapter alone of the Death Angels  had 15 accredited members.

Some of the White victims were taken to a loft used by the San Francisco  chapter of Death Angels, where they were tied to chairs and tortured to  death in ways far too gruesome to describe here. Harris testified that  he was given the butchered remnants of one of these kidnapped White  torture victims, all trussed up in a plastic sheet like a turkey, and  told to drive the package to a bluff overlooking San Francisco Bay and  throw it into the water. And the killing wasn't confined to San  Francisco or even California. Other chapters of the Death Angels  murdered Whites in New York, in Georgia, in Florida. The word spread  among Black Muslims everywhere, and it is very difficult to believe that  Hulon Mitchell did not get the idea for his "Brotherhood" and its  initiation requirement from the Death Angels.

As with the Death Angels in California, many of the ritual murder  victims chosen by Mitchell's Black Hebrew Israelites were the easiest  White victims: people who wouldn't be missed -- young runaways, street  people, low-class Whites who lived in Black neighborhoods or who  socialized with Blacks.

Well, as I said earlier, in November 1990 the police finally caught up  with Hulon Mitchell, also known as Yahweh ben Yahweh, and charged him  and his followers with 14 murders in the Miami area. And now he's out of  prison again, and the only question is whether or not he'll be permitted  to run the Nation of Yahweh again.

A couple of much more interesting questions for us are, first, why was  this hate-crazed mass murderer of White people turned loose under any  conditions? Ten years for sending his followers out to murder 23 people  -- or 14, if we count only those in Miami -- and then turned loose on us  again!

Imagine that this murderer was a neo-Nazi leader who sent his followers  out to kill Jews as initiation requirements, bringing back an ear from  each victim as proof to their leader that they had done as ordered. Do  you think that there's any chance the government would be turning him  loose, simply imposing on him the condition that he no longer could be a  neo-Nazi leader? Can you imagine the howl you would hear from the media  if that did happen? There would be no end to it. There would be tearful  interviews with relatives of the victims on network television every  day. The media would put on an even bigger circus than the one they put  on after the dragging death of a Black ex-convict in Jasper, Texas,  three years ago. And we would hear from the media a non-stop chorus of  "hate, hate, hate" and "hate crime, hate crime, hate crime, racism,  racism, racism." You know that's the way the media would react. You've  already heard it from them often enough.

Why, then, the almost total silence about the release of Hulon Mitchell,  alias Yahweh ben Yahweh? Why is neither the word "hate" nor the phrase  "hate crime" used even once in the Washington Post story about the  controversy over the conditions of his release? Why is the general  public almost completely ignorant of who this man is and what he did,  even if it happened 11 years ago? Why is the public just as ignorant of  the hundreds of "Zebra" murders committed by the Death Angels? Why do  the controlled mass media never say anything about these atrocious  murders of White people by Blacks? It's not that there's a shortage of  facts; as I said, there are 14,000 pages of horrifying testimony from  the Death Angels trial. Could it possibly be that the reason for the  silence of the media is that the murderers are Black and the victims are  White, and that contradicts the media party line -- the Jewish party  line -- that Blacks are the good guys and Whites are the bad guys, and  that in interracial conflict Blacks are the victims and Whites are the  aggressors? Could that be it?

Before I tell you about another recent news story that may help to  answer these questions, I'll mention that if you have an inquiring mind  and want to dig up the facts on the horrendous "Zebra" killings which  inspired Yahweh ben Yahweh, a good place for you to start is with Clark  Howard's 1979 documentary book Zebra. That book will lead you to other  sources. Although it is out of print, you should be able to find it in a  larger library, if it hasn't been purged by the minions of Political  Correctness.

The other recent news story is from Denver's Rocky Mountain News, which  is one of Colorado's major newspapers. It's about preliminary court  proceedings late last month against a gang of teenagers in Colorado  Springs who murdered another teenager and his grandparents in a rural  area 50 miles west of Colorado Springs. There are several things about  this story which make it potentially interesting at a national level,  and yet it has not been touched by the news media outside of Colorado.  Is it possible that the media bosses feel that they've already given  enough attention to teenaged murderers in Colorado with the saturation  coverage of the shootings at Columbine High School in Littleton, less  than a hundred miles from Colorado Springs? I really don't think that's  their reason for suppressing this story outside of Colorado, but I'll  let you be the judge of that.

The murders took place at the beginning of this year, and the murderers  were arrested during the past few months, as the police gathered  evidence. Charged with murder now are Isaac Grimes, 16; Jonathan Matheny  and Glen Urban, both 18; and Simon Sue, 19. Their trials are scheduled  for later this year. Grimes, Matheny, and Urban are White. Simon Sue is  a non-White immigrant from Guyana, in South America, primarily of Indian  ancestry. He is the local gang leader of a paramilitary, anti-racist  organization with roots in Guyana. He calls his organization Operation  and Reconnaissance Agents, but it usually is identified in news reports  from Colorado Springs only by its initials, OARA. Sue preached to the  other teenagers about the evils of White racism, and he ordered them to  commit several burglaries to steal guns and money to be used for  fighting racism.

One of their victims is 15-year-old Tony Dutcher, who was a schoolmate of theirs in Colorado Springs. On previous occasions Tony had invited  his classmate Isaac Grimes to the rural home of his grandparents. During  one of these visits Grimes had decided that the grandfather, 60-year-old  Carl Dutcher, was a White racist, and he reported this back to Sue and  the other members of OARA. Sue decided that Carl Dutcher should be  killed because of his racial beliefs. During the New Year's school  vacation at the beginning of this year Grimes visited Tony at his  grandparents' rural home. The two boys camped out in a lean-to behind  the Dutcher home. During the night, Grimes crept up behind Tony with a  knife and cut his throat as he lay in his sleeping bag. Police said that  Tony's throat had been cut all the way to the spinal column, and he bled  to death.

Grimes then went into the Dutchers' house and awaited the arrival of  another member of the anti-racist gang, Jonathan Matheny. When Matheny  arrived he shot Carl Dutcher with a rifle. Dutcher's wife, 58-year-old  JoAnna, barricaded herself in a bathroom, but Matheny shot her through  the bathroom door. Grimes finished them off by slitting their throats.  Now, I don't think it's necessary for me to explain to you why the  Jewish bosses of the national news media decided this was a story you  didn't need to hear about. What's indisputable is that it was a horribly  atrocious series of murders with several very newsworthy aspects, and  that if you live outside of Colorado you didn't hear a peep about it  until I told you about it a moment ago.

Suppose that the murderers, instead of being members of an anti-racist  gang led by a non-White, had been White racists, and their victims had  been chosen because one of the victims favored racial mixing. Do you  believe that the media bosses would have suppressed the story of the  murders or decided that it just wasn't newsworthy?

Of course, stories of Black-on-White crime are suppressed by the media  every day. I chose this particular story to tell you about today because  it not only illustrates the way in which news is selectively reported by  the controlled media in order to support their party line, but it also  illustrates the concrete results of the anti-White brainwashing  conducted by the media and the schools.

We might with good justification blame the murders of the Dutcher family  on the Washington government's insane immigration policy, which permits resentful, hate-filled, non-White trash such as Simon Sue into this  country.

With even better justification we can blame the murders on the racial  propaganda campaign of the media, the government, the schools, and the churches. That propaganda campaign pumps into the heads of young White  people the lies that all the races really are the same under the skin,  that the only reason members of all races can't live happily and  productively together is the divisive effect of White racism, and that  Whites who don't want to live and interbreed with non-Whites are hate  filled and irrational and are the cause of all interracial strife. The  propagandists don't come right out and say it, but they certainly imply  that these White racists, who are holding back racial progress and  making things unpleasant for everyone, ought to be done away with in  some way. That certainly was the message that teenagers Isaac Grimes,  Jonathan Matheny, and Glen Urban absorbed from television and from their  school teachers. That was the message that led them to obey the orders  of the hate-filled mongrel from Guyana and murder the Dutcher family.

Interestingly enough, it's also the message that played a major role in  the Columbine massacre in Littleton, Colorado, in April 1999. The two  teenaged murderers at Columbine High School, Eric Harris and Dylan  Klebold, were fervent anti-racists and fantasized on their Internet Web  site about torturing and murdering White racists. Where do you think  they picked up those sick and poisonous ideas? Who put the idea into  their heads that we live in a "racist" society and that racists ought to  be killed?

If you remember, the spin put on the Columbine massacre by the Jewish  media bosses right after the killings is that Harris and Klebold were  neo-Nazis and racists -- even though one of them, Klebold, was a Jew. It  wasn't until later, when investigators began looking into the private  lives and the Internet postings of the two killers that it came out that  they were not racists but rather were fanatical anti-racists. But that  fact never received much publicity, even though several pungent excerpts  from their Web site were reported in the New York Times. The average American couch potato still believes the killers were White racists who  deliberately targeted Blacks in their massacre, because that was the lie  that was propagated by the media immediately after the massacre and was  never withdrawn.

The point of all of this is that the controlled mass media in America  are consistent and deliberate in their policy of deception. Whether it  was their intense anti-apartheid and anti-White propaganda against  Rhodesia and South Africa back when those were both White countries,  followed by the deafening silence of the media about the horror of  what's happening in those two countries today under Black rule; or their  silence about the atrocious series of "Zebra" murders of "blue-eyed  devils" in this country by the Death Angels and then by Yahweh ben  Yahweh's Black Hebrew Israelites; or the spin they put on their  reporting of the Columbine massacre in 1999; or their suppression of the  story of the butchery of the Dutcher family in Colorado this year, they  consistently suppress or minimize news which might undermine their  multiculti, egalitarian propaganda. They consistently suppress or  minimize news of non-White aggression against Whites. 

They slant the news with the deliberate intention of making White people  feel apologetic or even guilty for defending themselves against  non-Whites. They deliberately attempt to disarm us morally and keep us  off guard. They deliberately conceal from us information which would  lead us to question their policies or their motives. They deliberately  deceive us with the intention of making us believe that things are rosy  wherever their policies have been put into effect, such as in South  Africa and Rhodesia, and that everything will be rosy here when their  open-border immigration policies and their plans for more "hate crime"  and "speech crime" laws have had time to take effect.

They are consistent and deliberate in their use of the media to deceive  us because their aim is to weaken us and destroy us, the way they  already have weakened the White people of South Africa and destroyed the  White people of Rhodesia. The Jews are our misfortune. The Jews are the  eternal enemies of our people.

 Thanks for being with me again today.


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