Security Procedures
And Reporting Requirements

Protecting Classified Information
Need to know. Classification and distribution controls. Marking, handling, mailing & carrying classified information. Foreign government information. Use of computer systems. Using the STU-III. Definitions.

Protecting Sensitive But Unclassified Information
Freedom of Information Act, handling of For Official Use Only, Technical Data, Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information, OPSEC, export-controlled information, source selection data, proprietary and trade secret data, and privacy act information.

Standards of Personal Conduct
What is expected of me? List of security-relevant behaviors. Guidelines for adjudicating security clearances.

Self-Reporting on Your Personal Activities
Reporting foreign contacts, foreign travel, intent to marry or cohabitate, financial and substance abuse issues, certain outside activities, etc. Pre-publication review. Reporting foreign intelligence activities.

Reporting Improper, Unreliable, or Suspicious Behavior
Reporting responsibilities. Counterintelligence indicators. Security and suitability issues. Preventing violence. No good excuses for not reporting. Examples of how people like you made a difference. Hot line phone numbers.


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