Foreign Threats
To Protected Information

Who's Doing What to Whom?
Economic collection and industrial espionage. Illegal technology transfer. Computer crime. National Security Threat List.  Militarily Critical Technologies List. Economic Espionage Act of 1996.

How Do I Know When I'm Being Targeted and Assessed?
Recognizing the spotting - assessment - recruitment process used by all intelligence services. Who is most likely to be targeted.

Getting Information Out of Honest People Like Me
Elicitation. Unsolicited requests. False pretenses. Short-term foreign visitors. Long-term foreign visitors. Joint ventures/foreign acquisitions. Open source collection. Theft and dumpster diving.

Risks During Foreign Travel
Country threat updates. Security and safety recommendations. Avoiding/recognizing intelligence interest. Contact with foreign relatives. Vulnerability to theft, bugging, communications intercept. Reporting security incidents. Kidnapping and hijacking. What to do if arrested.


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