List of Electronic Payment Services

The list of payment services appearing below presents a comprehensive list of all the electronic payment services used by those people who are setting up an electronic store.


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Fees Headquarters and 
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Description Merchant

$49 setup fee

5.5% commission plus 45 cents per transaction.

877-294-0273 Cust. Svc
Columbus, Ohio
United States
Do not allow vendors to enter credit card info for customers.  Can transfer to any account.  Pay on first and 16th of every month with no additional fee. Merchant


Calgary, Alberta
Only deal with Canadian bank accounts that already have merchant accounts setup.  Do not interface with banks outside of Canada.  Canadian banking different because they must have only one type of credit card account.  This prevents a monopoly from forming in banking.

Setup fee is $299
Monthly fee $20

10 cents/trans

877-447-3938 tech supt
866-437-0476 sales
Bellevue, Washington
United States

Must have U.S. bank account and merchant account.  "U.S." means that in the tax code, not in the Constitution.  Need SSN or EIN.  If sole proprieter SSN.  Can't apply without SSN.  Compatible with six diff. processing systems.
Beanstream Merchant $75/month (888) 472-0811 Tech supt
Largest payment processor in Canada.  Exclusively a Canadian company.
Best Payment Solutions Merchant   866-289-2265 Second largest merchant provider in the United States


Bank of America Credit Card Plugin  


United States  
Cambist Credit Card Plugin GW

$25/mo fee if go through Costco.


Payment gateway only.  Refer people to Costco for merchant accounts.  Good rates.  Nova works best with their system.  Go do and click on services.  Pay directly through credit card.


Rohnert Park, California
United States

Cardservice International Merchant No setup fee. 800-634-7221 American business
E-Bullion Merchant No setup fee. 805-482-1460
Electronic gold exchange.  API is missing currency conversion.  Won't accept Canadian dollars.  International company.
E-gold Merchant No setup fee. 321-956-1200
Contact page
Electronic payments using egold accounts only.  Very good programming interface  that has extensive currency conversion capabilities.  Little ID required.  A Nevis (offshore) company.  Redemptions handled by G&SR, which is a Delaware Corp.  Started in 1996.
eProcessing Network GW


(713) 880-0327 tech supt

Houston, Texas
United States

Independent gateway that works with merchant banks.  Only work with U.S. banks and U.S. customers.  Use U.S. dollars only. On four platforms.
Euroconex Merchant   353 1 2390200
Affiliated with Nova.
EZIC Payment Gateway  




First Data GW  

(800) 735-3362

Greenwood Village, Colorado
United States

Largest credit card transaction company in U.S.
First American Payment System Merchant

$105 setup fee

$95 annual for merchant account.

3 tiers for transaction rates: 2.4%, 3%, and 3.85%

50 cent/transaction fee.

25 cent batch fee end of day.

$8 statement fee.

Gateway charge of $20/month.



Fort Worth, Texas

United States

Offer merchant accounts and are required.  Use  Can do international as well.  Service nonprofits.  Three tiers for trans rates: 2.4%, 3%, 3.85%.  If cc transaction is corporate or purchasing card, goes through 3.85%.  Merchant identification requires state-issued picture ID like driver's license.  Require SSN or TIN for Primaries of organization.  That derives from banks and internally.  Only deal with banks in U.S.  Go with Key Bank (interstate).  Handle smaller merchants.
Go Realtime Merchant

$99 setup fee

2.29% discount rate plus 30 cents/ transaction.

$10/month statement fee.

$19.95/month gateway fee.

$25/month minimum.



St. George, Utah

United States

To setup merchant account and payment gateways.  Owners need U.S. business address and U.S. deposit account and SSN.  No social if nonprofit organization.  Must have 501(c ) designation and/or financials if non-profit.  Banks require this, not them.  Work with 3 or 4 banks.  Have setup a few churches but all were 501(c ).  Around since 1996.  Have own payment gateway.


(800) 487-4226
Salt Lake City, Utah
United States
Also called Pacific Webworks.
Internet Secure Both

$150 setup fee for U.S. dollars

$100 setup for Canadian only

Trans fee is 25 cents Canadian and 75 cents U.S. dollars.

Monthly admin $25 Canadian or $17 U.S.

Canada only
Several merchant account types.  Canadian only company.  Can interface with any bank, including those outside the country.  Merchant must be based in Canada to have account with them.  Deal with 84 countries in the world, and most do their own merchant accounts for their own residents.  Provide merchant account and transaction gateway service.  Must disclose information about organization.  Must have website.  Test websites before offer services.  Use PaymentTech for merchant account.


eCommerce Exchange


$295 setup

2.35% discount rate plus 30 cents transaction fees

$25 monthly fee minimum

No statement fee

Gateway access fee of $10 per month

(800) 324-9825
Nashville, Tennessee
United States
They service 400-500 companies that sell merchant accounts for them.  Must have a U.S. SSN.  Merchant must be based in U.S.  Merchant must have SSN or TIN and U.S. bank acct, which is acct that is transferred into.  Company policy.  Someone must have SSN on application.  You can use their international processor.  Can put up capital to eliminate risk so that no underwriting is necessary, in which case number not needed.  Web-based transaction viewing system and produces PDF reports.  Can filter by buyer or name.  Work with Chase Manhattan as underwriting bank.  iTransact uses them.  Tons of agent offices.
iTransact, Inc  

$295 for SW.  Service fee is $24.95/mo. 

Merchant account has $95 appl. fee with $10 monthly statement fee.  

30 cents per transaction attempt and either a $24 monthly fee or 2.34 % of each transaction, whichever is greater.

(801) 298-1212
Bountiful, Utah
United States
VISA and Mastercard will require people in the U.S. to have Tax ID number.  Processing credit cards is a privilege and not a right and they call the shots.  Don't offer non-U.S. (federal zone) merchant accounts.  VISA and Mastercard report revenues.  VISA and Mastercard and U.S. based and most rules are company policy and not federal law.  They require SSNs because they advance money to merchant accounts before money clears.  VISA and Mastercard are not competitors, but part of same company, which is VISA International.  Merchant account is with iPayment, which is a representative bank of JP Morgan/Chase.  Require a principal to sign, who would need TIN or SSN.  Around since 1994.  Several members are Mormon.
LinkPoint GW


(888) 477-3611 Tech supt
United States
Their other payment service is YourPay.  
Moneris eSelect Merchant

$149 Application fee

$19.95/mo gateway fee

Discount is 2.36% +35 cents.

Maintenance fee $10/month

Monthly minimum is $20 and goes against discount rate.

800-471-9511 Cust Svc

Moneris U.S. Merchant Services: 

Buffalo Grove, IL

United States


Canadian Office: 
Toronto, Etobicoke, Canada


Royal Bank and Bank of Montreal owns both offices.  Bank or Montreal owns Harris Bank.

Merger between Royal Bank and Bank of Montreal.  Offer VISA and Mastercard accounts.  Use Authorize.NET and Peradata E-select as gateways.  Quotes are for E-Select.  Authorize.Net fees are $99 application and per transaction is 30cents/transaction, otherwise the same.  Give VISA/MC merchant #, gateway use for CC processing.  Hosted pay page included.  Merchant acct hosted through Moneris and gateway through E-Select.  Bank is Montreal is parent bank.  Harris Bank is owned by Montreal Bank.  Also outsource to Flagstar, First National, Suburban Banks.  Bank must be in U.S.  No territories, just state.  Identification requires Articles of Incorporation, photocopy of DL of principal owner, photocopy of voided check, business license, financial statements if in business over 1 year.  For nonprofits in U.S., need accountant-prepared financials, properly prepared Master Resolution, officer's name.    Master Resolution needs to depict the Secretary or Asst Secretary or the Presider.  Need their name, signature, and SSN or TIN.  Company must be registered in 52 states.  Resell other merchants.  Merchant account and account that transfers into would be in U.S.  If company has buffer account, it violates VISA/MC agreement.
NetBilling GW

$199 setup fee.  Waive if nonprofit.

$25/mo fee.

1.5% + 15 cents per trans. or flat rate 45 cents per transaction.

(888) 357-8166
Santa Clara, California
United States
Gateway, but can also help with merchant accounts.  VISA/Mastercard have global crossborder regulations.  Bank must be in same country as the company.  If merchant bank is in U.S., then company must be there as well.  International accounts require min. $35K monthly volume.  Want 6 mo. strong processing history to show.  Compatible with processing platforms, not banks.  VISA requires merchant, checking accts to in same country as company, and officers must be in same country.  Optional fraud scrubbing, which is 10 cents/transaction.  Also offer ACH processing, which is 3.25% plus 40 cents/transaction plus $20/month fee.  Platforms include:  FDR type 1 and 0, VISANet, Vital, Nova, SureFire, CardSystems/Maverick, Global Payment Systems, Wirecard, ECBP.  To open merchant account, require application, voided check, driver's license, proof of business, articles of incorporation.
Nova Information Systems Merchant

2.04% plus 28 cents/transaction

For foreign bank cards, 2.99% + 31 cents/trans.

$20 monthly fees.

No appl. or monthly fee if an Executive Costco member.  If not executive member, $25 appl fee + 4.95 monthly fees.

Works through Costco Wholesale.  Second largest merchant provider in the United States.  Authorize.Net along with Verisign, ICverify, and PCcharge all work with them.  Provide merchant account.  Only in United States.  Requirements: Products and prices must be listed, return policy, privacy policy, cust. service phone number, Security certificate, domain registered to merchant or business.  Application is credit-based application.  Owner/officer sign application.  Must have 501(c ) status as a nonprofit.


44 1534 884000
Island of Jersey, Channel Islands
Paily Merchant   NPX Technologies
Atidim Science Park, bldg. 3
POB 58148
Tel-Aviv 61580

Phone:  +1 (888) MY-PAILY [+1 (888) 697-2459]

Located in Israel.  Primarily for high volume customers with $20,000/month or more.
PayPal GW


United States
Not a merchant account provider.  Payments not guaranteed.  Third party account and they have all rights to money.  If there is a charge-back or fraud issue, they hold money for up to 6 months.
Protx     0870 922 0312
PSIGate Both

$199 setup


29 cents/transaction plus 2.95% (nonprofit)

877-374-9444 Sales
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada and U.S.  Destination account must be in same country as business/organization.  In order to deposit the funds.  InternetSecure, Paysystems, and Worldpay all own the merchant account, not you.  Use PaymentTech for merchant account.  Rolling reserve is 5% for 90 days.  This is in place of security deposit.  Not a way to obtain own merchant account without having a bank account in name of company that is registered in country of Canada.  Banks issue merchant accounts.  Approval up to them.  In Canada, use PaymentTech, which is a div. of Scotia and Citibank.  In U.S., use Humboldt, Harris, and Bankcorp.
QuikCommerce Both

Setup:  $169.90/mo which includes 2x64.95+$40 appl fee.

$64.95/mo lease for Wonderpay.

$20 maint/month

2.35% plus 30 cents/trans.  Minimum $20 fees per month

(800) 748-6318 Support

800-675-6573 Sales

Chatsworth, California 

United States

Part of eCommerce Exchange and a subsidiary of it.  Also synonymous with Wonderpay.  Only do business in United States.  Need U.S. SSN and U.S. bank account and U.S. address.  Need website active, processing volume.  Wonderpay processes transactions, and it costs $1695 or 36 pmts of $64.95.  Link cart into merchant account.  SW encrypts with 128 bit.  Transactions take 2 days.  Login to to check transactions.  Can also do manual transactions over web.  Normally target home based businesses.
RTWare GW Payment gateway only.  Do not provide merchant accounts.
SkipJack Merchant Services  


Cincinatti, Ohio
United States

Surepay GW   888-787-3729 Tech supt
Mellville, New York
United States
Only U.S. company and must be deposited to U.S. bank.  Go through sales channels.  Don't interface directly with customers.  Call Chase at 800-896-7161 for direct support. 
Total Merchant Services  


Click here  
Usight Gateway GW


No transaction fee

Bountiful, Utah
United States
New gateway is called Usight Gateway.  Merchant account is separate.  Get through Nova, Vital, Best Payment Solutions, etc.  Deduct fees through epayment.
Verisign PayFlo  


United States


888-545-2234 Sales
800-377-3962 Service
Vital GW No direct sales 480-333-7799 sales
Third party processor.  Don't offer merchant accounts directly.  Do capturing and settlement. Don't deal outside U.S.  Work with 300 banks in U.S.
Wonderpay Both

$245 setup fee

2.35% plus 30 cents per transaction fee 

$10 monthly statement fee plus
$10 monthly gateway security fee

(800) 675-6573

Chicago, Illinois
United States

Can only work with U.S. banks.  No out-of-country banks. Must be a "U.S. citizen" and have a SSN.  TIN not sufficient.  Run credit check on you.  Process with Chase Manhattan and they have the "U.S. citizen" requirement.   Have a Canadian affiliate called  Durango Payment Systems at 970-259-8660.  Go through iPayment as underwriter at 800-554-4777.  Do about 750 new accounts per month.  Provide a merchant account which is mine.  Transfer occurs within 1-2 days after transaction.  SW batches all transactions at prescribed times.  iPayment has $10 monthly statement fee plus $10 gateway security fee, which provides SSL encryption for order page.
WorldPay Both

$299 U.S. setup


2.95 % plus 45 cents.

Chargebacks are $15.  No cost for refunds.

Payments weekly at $4 ea.

866-497-4636 Sales

800-661-7079 Cust svc

Sterling, Virginia


800-506-8489 credit dept

Can bring in as sole proprieter.  Can list more than one principal.  Provide merchant acct and payment gateway.  Fraud protection and recurring billing solution.  Owned by Royal Bank of Scotland. Homebase in UK.   Have master merchant status.  Shoppers anywhere.  Merchant account has to be in same country as business is registered.  Don't outsource anything.  They provide merchant account and gateway.  Signup is really easy and fast: 3-7 business days.  Wire funds to any bank account.  Can service merchant accounts globally.  Provide online transaction management.  Can dump into CSV format.  To open account, need balance sheet, copy of photo ID of a principal, contract.  Need CC to bill monthly payments to until transactions occur.  No rolling reserve requirement initially, but may be required based on risk.  Rolling reserve can be 5-15% rolling reserve.  <1% charge-back rate preferred.  Require SSN or SIN.  Run credit-check.  Require govt issued-ID.  Can provide service without SSN/SIN.  Eventually will require SSN but not now.  Govt law requires them to know their customer.  Can open merchant account anywhere.  No Canada offices or merchant accounts.

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