By Sherry Peel Jackson

When I was a bad little girl, (about 9 years old) I used to steal potato chips from my brother.  My mom would buy each of us a bag of chips.  The bags were rather small, and when we opened them, the chips sunk down towards the bottom.

There were never enough chips in the bag to satisfy my junk food cravings, so I devised a dastardly plan.  I would leave the room with my chips and hide the bag.  Next, I would go to my brother, who was only 5 years old, and ask him to share his chips with me.  I would put on the sad face and be the sweet big sister.  Inevitably, I would help him eat his bag of chips, then go hide in my room and eat my bag of chips alone.

My scheme is not new.  It has been used on the American people since 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve System.  The Federal Reserve, with the blessings of the government, creates money out of nothing.  Then they distribute this fiat money to the government and the banks to pass on to the hard working American citizen.  The American citizen, like my brother, has no idea that he is being hoodwinked.  He/She spends hours working for his/her family, only to have worked for the Federal Reserve System all the way through May of each year, giving over their labor to the IRS, the bouncers of the Federal Reserve club.

The Federal Reserve hides their bag of chips in foundations, trusts and other business entities so that their children’s children will never have to work a day in their lives.  They take your chips and use them to influence the governments and leaders of other countries.

For example, the Constitution of the United States of America says that we are not supposed to take money from “the people” and give it to other countries or use it to influence other countries.  However, through the International Monetary Fund (IMF) billions of dollars are sent to over 100 countries to influence their activities.  The USA has military troops in over 100 countries making sure that the Federal Reserve owner’s initiatives are carried out.

The Federal Reserve System also uses your chips to influence the education system in America.  They give millions of dollars to colleges and universities through their foundations, to influence what is taught in these institutions of “higher learning”.

Don’t believe it?  Well, several years ago, there was a CBS 20/20 special hosted by Sam Donaldson that proved outright fraud and deception in the textbooks of primary and secondary schools.  One example was given where there were over 100 factual errors in one textbook.  The most disturbing revelation from this show, however, was the fact that one high school history book contained three lines twice about George Washington, but six and a half pages of information on Marilyn Monroe.  Since when did Marilyn Monroe carry more clout that our founding father?  Since those with the cash to pay for the books started manipulating the content of the books.   It can be concluded that the same re-writing of history is present in the textbooks at colleges and universities also.  

Beardsley Ruml, former chairman of the Federal Reserve even admitted, in a speech to the American Bar Association, that income for revenue is obsolete.  In his speech, he stated:

          Federal taxes can be made to serve four principal purposes of a social        

          and economic character.  These purposes are:

1.     As an instrument of fiscal policy to help stabilize the purchasing power of the dollar

2.     To express public policy in the distribution of wealth and of income, as in the case of the progressive income tax and estate taxes

3.     To express public policy in subsidizing or in penalizing various industries and economic groups

4.     To isolate and assess directly the costs of certain national benefits, such as highways and social security

As you can see, the goal of the Federal Reserve System is total power and control over your life and the lives of everyone on this planet.  They plan to continue to create money out of nothing and keep you in bondage while they carry out their worldwide plans.  They plan to continue to ensure that the federal reserve note, not backed by gold or silver, is king in the world. They plan to continue to control the governments of foreign countries while our soldiers die by the dozens in these foreign lands.

Will you continue to be a slave?  Will you stay a silent sheep?  Will you sell your children out to this system or will you spread the word:



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