By Chuck Harder, "For The People" radio talk show host

Imagine, giant MEXICAN TRUCKS WITH "LOST" AND ILLITERATE DRIVERS GOING 75 MPH on our Interstates -- swerving, and crushing innocent American families!

President Bush has signed the deal to open our roads to MEXICAN TRUCKS to be driven anywhere without a U.S. driver's license. How will a non-English speaking driver change lanes at busy, crowded interchanges where American drivers have enough trouble changing lanes safely? Soon you will see street signs in both English and Spanish, since we are letting traditionally radical groups influence many areas due to the notion of political correctness. This is not the U.S.A. I grew up in. New saying: MEXICAN ROAD PIZZA . . . as innocent Americans are killed and crushed under these giant, dilapidated unsafe trucks -- many with poor brakes.

And remember this: When NAFTA first was signed, the Mexico border was open to our dairy trucks trying to sell over there. They were bombed, looted, and our drivers were beaten up. Welcome to NAFTA, the ONE-WAY DEAL. The national news media never reports such incidents since they are part of the globalist problem.

On October 9, 2002, Stephen Greenhouse wrote in The New York Times: "Advantages for Bush in Resorting to Injunction." Bush opened the ports and "MADE IN CHINA" merchandise began to flow to empty shelves at your Wal-Mart in time for Christmas. But there was another reason and I will quote the Times:

"Ford imports 360 different parts through West Coast ports, while Dell Computer said it had only ten days worth of some computer parts left. One California military contractor said a custom piece of tooling that it needed to build tactical Tomahawk missiles was trapped on a ship off the California coast."

We can't supply our own country with the basics, can't make our own tools, can't make war goods, and will soon be just another England. Then when Red China says NO!, we will apologize. And get this: Like Ross Perot's parody of "the crazy aunt you hide in the basement," our economic numbers are getting worse.

FUTURE FORECAST: Grim with only a few bright spots. Inch by inch we lose our industrial base. States now discuss how to meet budgets that were based on taxes coming from industry. The people who de-industrialized America knew what they were doing as their banker pals got rich. The only Presidents who did not die rich men of recent time were Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower. All others cashed in on the "sale of the equity of the U.S.A."

RICH, Rich and powerful. They weep crocodile tears as jobs move to China, Mexico, and other third world countries for low wages and lax working conditions.

NAFTA and GATT were planned to eliminate the middle class of the USA. It's working well. Upon the closing of a 1,200 employee factory where many had worked 30 years, one executive was heard to say: "As long as the U.S. government allows us to go offshore for pennies-per-hour labor and we can make things of value and sell them here, we will! If we don't, our competitors will do the same thing -- and have been doing so." Write a postcard to both of your Senators, your Representative and our President and ask this question: "If a trade deficit is so great, why doesn't any other country want one?" Think about that. --Chuck Harder