by:  Jerry Carlos Pitts, Sovereign of the united states of America, Without Prejudice UCC 1-207 All Rights Reserved, eradicatecorruption@hotmail.com

Through the impressionable years of my youth, having been born in 1949, the American Patriot spirit, using the words of the title of this document, was drilled into the heads of every American child. We were subjected to such governmentally oriented indoctrinations as the weekly, sometimes daily, exercise of practicing within the school 'disaster preparedness' called 'air raid drills'.

Fortunately, for the sake of justification, I among the many millions of young Americans of that day, were not capable of understanding that we were systematically being brainwashed into believing the lie that had been perpetrated by our National government some 45 years earlier. America at the time was a nation wherein the children were taught to believe their parents, trust in the government, faith in God, and in order to succeed, one was required to do an honest days work for an honest days pay.

By my early teen years, we, as a nation, were in the midst of a global threat of imminent nuclear war. This was a dreadful thought to the young minds that had been told of the atrocities of war and had read the reports of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The images that flooded our minds were enough to justify our Allegiance to the government. No-one in their right mind would desire to see the world engulfed in such tragedy. Yet the echoes of the old patriot call resonated through our minds 'I'd rather be dead than red'. A ready fuel to drive us forward with our devotion to country without regard or reason to question what was truly happening behind the doors of Congressional offices or the offices of major Corporations and Banks.

Those imperial, authoritarian figures (banks, corporations, government officials), made life to seem only natural in its' design to go along with the systemic design. "Don't rock the boat", This was another of their chants that were used to subjugate any suspicions that might emerge within the minds of these young people that would soon be entering into the work force. As a consequence, the national school system, either by design or dictate, would not reveal to the youth of America, the truth of what had happened within the halls of government in the early 1900's. We were led blindly, like sheep, to the slaughter. The slaughter that is brought on by being un-informed, un-educated, un-enlightened and un-willing to leave behind, a purposeful corruption of our intellect.

Our elders, refused to enlighten us to the fact that in 1912, the United States government established, contrary to the Constitution for the United States of America, the Federal Reserve (Fed). The Fed was and still remains a non-governmental organization which controls the money flow within our economic system. The Fed is a privately owned for profit Corporation. The profit it makes is derived from the illegal inner workings of manipulating the interest rates of banks and loan corporations. For a complete and exhaustive coverage of this and other illicit crimes and tyranny committed by our government officials, please visit either http://famguardian.org. There are hundreds of websites on the internet that have this information, and my inability to list them all is no reflection on the quality of content of any of those not mentioned.

Again, our elders refused to hand down to us their knowledge of the facts relating to 'how we (as American citizens) became enemies of the United States. Of recent days, only one legislator has had the courage to step up to the plate and challenge Congress with regard to its' continuing disregard for the Constitution for the United States of America. That would be James Trafficant. Of course, we have also seen how the government will go to ultimate ends to hide their corruption, by shifting the blame to some other person.

I'd rather be dead than red?? I cannot blame my parents for their inability to teach me about the corruptions of government, nor can I blame my grand parents of the same error. So then WHO do I blame? I can only blame myself for being naive when it comes to the operation of the government; I can only blame myself for being lazy and slothful when I first suspicioned that something was not RIGHT with how the government was operating. I can only blame myself when I have seen innocent people go to jail without the benefit of Due Process; I can only blame myself when I look back at all the government cover-ups that have taken place within my lifetime.

As for myself, I find a need to make absolution for my own personal shortcomings in this matter. Therefore, I resolve that from this day forward, I will not hesitate to stand up to the government, when I know in FACT, TRUTH, and HONOR that the government is acting wrongfully toward the citizens of this great Nation.