The Freeman's Oath

      I am a free man (woman). I was born free.
      I was born fully possessing the ultimate right, the right every living being is born with: the total right to live as long, as successfully, and as securely as I am able to provide for myself, so long as I assume total responsibility for myself and my life, and so long as I accept total accountability for my decisions and my actions.
      I was born with no obligation to obey or serve any other person, just as no other person is born with any obligation to obey or serve me.
      As such, I am the exclusive and absolute master of myself, my life, my body, and my property, so long as I undertake no criminal action against any other person.
      I have the exclusive and absolute authority to think my own thoughts, speak my own words, live my own lifestyle, pursue my own pleasures, and to make and follow my own choices - both, as to my courses of action and as to the use and disposal of my property - with impunity, and I owe nothing to any other person that he does not owe to me.

      I am a free man (woman). I am an American.
      The ultimate legal authority for this nation - the Constitution - acknowledges my inherent, natural rights and guarantees them, totally and unconditionally, against even the commonwealth and/or the government of the United States of America.

      I am a free man (woman). I am an American. I am sovereign.
      As even my own government is forbidden from infringing my rights and my freedom, I shall never bow to alien power, to alien authority, to alien dictates, and the Constitution requires my government to insure this sovereignty.

      I am a free man (woman). I shall stay free.
    I shall defend my freedom, my life, and my property against all assault, with whatever force I deem necessary, as is my inherent and incontrovertible right, and I shall likewise defend my Constitution, which guaratnees my rights and freedom, against all assault. Again with whatever force I deem necessary.

      I am a free man (woman).

The Freeman's Pledge


      I believe, without reservation, in the Freeman's Oath.
      I know that freedom is never free, that it is, in fact, the dearest thing in life, for no matter what its financial costs may be, freedom, in addition, always requires the sacrifice of human life: both, to gain freedom and to retain freedom.

      I believe that the only people who have a right to freedom are those who are willing to pay the price of freedom; I know that only those who are willing to pay the price of freedom can be free.

      I know that there are always people whose driving ambition is to "rule" other people - to deny others their natural rights, and who will never rest until they achieve that end. These people are the free man's natural enemy, and therefore, my foe - by their choice, not mine.
      I believe that it is not only my right to oppose the enemies of freedom with whatever force may be necessary, but that it is my duty, my obligation to oppose those enemies.
      I believe that they deserve no more understanding or compassion from me than they give to me and my fellow freemen.
      I know that that enemy may include, in addition to foreign aggressors, my brother, my friend, my neighbor, politicians, and even my government. But that person who would deny me my birthright and my heritage is not my brother, my friend, my neighbor, or my government - he is my mortal enemy!


      I was born a free man (woman), and I will stay a free man (woman).
      I pledge my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor to defend freedom from all its enemies, and to stand, when called, shoulder to shoulder with all other free men, in battle if necessary, against even my brother, my friend, my neighbor, and my government.

      I will be free!!!

      The Freeman's Pledge and the Freeman Registry were created before the nation ever heard of the so-called "freemen" in Montana and there is no connection between the two. Genuine freemen do not victimize fellow citizens.

      Those who would like to formally swear the Freeman's Pledge and be entered into the Freeman Registry need to send a self-addressed and stamped business-size envelope to: The Freeman's Registry, P.O. Box 44673, Boise, Idaho 83711-0673. In return, they will receive an official copy of the Pledge and instructions for formally swearing the Pledge. When that notarized copy is returned to the Registry, he (she) will be sent a registration card certifying that he (she) is a sworn Freeman (Freewoman).

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