About 2 weeks ago, it was my birthday. When I woke up that morning, I wasn't feeling to good but I was hoping my wife would sing me happy birthday and would try and surprise me with a gift, yet I didn't even get a good morning from her. My kids sat down to eat breakfast and also forgot to say happy birthday.

I got to work a little depressed and as I walked in my secretary yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". That made me feel a little better knowing at least someone remembered.

Work was normal all day and I was saddened that none of my friends remembered my special day, so about mid-day my secretary was standing in my doorway. She said "Why don't we go out for lunch together?" I told her that was the best offer I've heard all day and promptly accepted. We picked a very nice restaurant, and had a couple of drinks, ate a delicious meal, and had a lot of fun. On the way back she said " This is your very special day, so why get back to the office so soon? Why don't we go back to my place and continue to have a good time?"

"Great", I said. "Let's go to your place a have a couple more drinks."

Once inside her apartment she said, "If you don't mind, I like to make myself more comfortable."

"No problem," I responded. And Hmmmmmmm....I started thinking, "After all, this could be an interesting experience, and great birthday."

She went into her room and a couple of minutes later....Came out with a HUGE Birthday Cake, my WIFE standing next to her along with my kids, my family, friends, all singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...."

And there I was........... like a total IDIOT............... naked in the living room on her sofa.


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