The New World Order

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 August 17, 1993

 Dear Fellow Americans:

Enclosed is a brief summary about The New World Order, a secret plan to establish a world-wide dictatorship, possibly within the next few years.  As more information about this conspiracy comes to light, freedom-loving Citizens are becoming angered and aroused.  If we act quickly, before martial law is declared and our Constitution suspended, we can defeat this menace by lawful, peaceful means.

The key to our success is to pool our information, to make the public aware of what is going on behind the scenes, and to prosecute those who would destroy our liberty by force and violence.

The selected references are a sampling of the research which has been gathered on this subject so far.  If you have or know of any additional sources of information, please share them with us.  In particular, we would like facts about the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Federal Reserve System, the International Monetary Fund, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force, and the Financial Crime Enforcement Network, especially as it relates to their clandestine operations.  We, of course, will be glad to share with you what we know.

Your input and your suggestions on how we can inform the public will be appreciated.


The New World Order

Evidence is accumulating about a highly secret plan to set up a world-wide dictatorship during the next few years, and to dissolve the present nations of the world.  This, of course, would mean the end of the United States of America as we know it, including the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  In its place would be a despotic regime under the control of the international bankers.

This sounds pretty incredible, doesn't it?  We didn't believe it ourselves at first.  But, as the facts come in, they tend to reinforce each other and to make sense out of many puzzling current events.

The history of this conspiracy begins more than 200 years ago.  The Order of the Illuminati (The Enlightened Ones) was formed in May 1776.  It was a small, secret group of powerful men who planned to gradually take control of the world by taking control of each country's monetary system.  Its symbol was the all-seeing eye, which became part of the Great Seal of the United States of America, and which appears on our present $1 Federal Reserve Notes.   Interestingly, this group was formed only two months before our Declaration of Independence was sent to King George III.

In the 1870's, John Ruskin was teaching at Oxford University.  He advocated dictatorship as a form of government, with state control of the means of production.  One of his students was Cecil Rhodes, who applied Ruskin's teachings in Africa with the blessing of the British government.  Rhodes made a fortune in gold and diamond mining.  The Rhodes Scholarships spring from this source.  President Bill Clinton was one of the Rhodes Scholars at Oxford.

In 1891, Cecil Rhodes formed a secret order called the Circle of Initiates, which was the core of a larger group called the Circle of Helpers.  Their objective was to gain control of the world economy by means of control of the monetary systems of all countries.  Rhodes' associate, Lord Alfred Milner, organized Round Table groups in each of the English-speaking nations to further this cause.

In 1910, a group of American bankers and their wealthy friends met at the Millionaire's Club on Jekyll Island, Georgia, to plan what became the Federal Reserve System.  This is really the same debt money system which originated in Babylon 5,000 years ago.  The scam is basically fairly simple -- a group of private bankers get together to form a central banking system which appears to be a government agency but which is actually privately owned.  The national Treasury borrows money -- at interest -- from the central bank.   The central bank creates money out of thin air by making bookkeeping entries, and sells the government debt instruments to the public.

Getting this scheme enacted was the hard part.  In the 1912 elections, President William Taft was heavily favored to defeat the Democratic Party candidate sponsored and controlled by the bankers, Woodrow Wilson.  So, the bankers also sponsored former President Teddy Roosevelt to run on the Bull Moose ticket, thereby drawing votes away from Taft and allowing Wilson to win.

In December, 1913, Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act, thereby giving the international banking conspiracy total control of our nation's money.  In that same year, the Sixteenth (Income Tax) Amendment was supposedly approved.  Recent research indicates that there were irregularities in the approval process in every state, so the Income Tax has actually been illegal from the outset.  A third major blunder of Wilson's administration was getting the United States involved in World War I.

In 1918, Colonel Edward M. House (who was Woodrow Wilson's political mentor) and a group of wealthy New York bankers and others organized what is now called the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  This secret group has as its goal the complete political and economic control of the world in the hands of wealthy capitalists and international bankers.  Today, there are some 1,400 members, mostly graduates of the liberal Ivy League colleges, consisting of leading bankers, lawyers, government officials, educators and news media executives.  Collectively, they are the behind-the-scenes government of the United States.  President Clinton and former President Bush are members.

The CFR strives to maintain a very low visibility.  It is not even mentioned in the Encyclopedia Britannica or the Encyclopedia Americana.  There are several books about it, including The Imperial Brain Trust by Laurence H. Shoup and William Minter, written in 1977.  They state that the CFR was formed to equip the U.S. for an imperial role on the world scene.  Their comment on page 279 is very revealing:

U.S. imperialism is characterized by the Viet Nam War, assassination of foreign leaders, support of reactionary regimes, bribes and corruption, domestic repression, political trials of dissenters, FBI-CIA harassment of radicals, and wiretaps.

 Not a very pretty picture, but all too true.  More recent events include the invasion of Panama, the Iran Contra affair, and the war in Kuwait.

In 1954, the Bilderberger Group was formed.  The name came from the Bilderberger Hotel in the Netherlands, where the first meeting took place.  The central players in this secret group were David Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan Bank and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.

In 1963, President John F. Kennedy issued an executive order authorizing the U.S. Treasury to issue U.S. Notes directly, thereby bypassing the Federal Reserve System and depriving the international bankers of potential interest income. Shortly thereafter, he was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, the home state of then Vice President Lyndon Johnson. The accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was killed in jail by Jack Ruby.  Lyndon Johnson, a CFR member, became the President. One of his first official acts was to rescind the executive order which had authorized the U.S. Notes.

A similar fate befell President Abraham Lincoln when he authorized the Treasury to issue greenback notes, rather than borrow money at 19% interest from the international bankers, to finance the Civil War. As you know, President Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. Coincidence or conspiracy?  You be the judge.

In 1973, another secret organization was formed -- the Trilateral Commission.  This group consisted of approximately 180 wealthy and influential people in the United States, Western Europe and Japan, including David Rockefeller and George Bush.  The purpose of this organization was to promote economic and political control of the world by the leading capitalists and international bankers.  President Clinton is a member of this group.  The upcoming Group of Seven economic summit talks in Tokyo should be interesting, especially in light of Prime Minister Miyazawa's recent ouster due to widespread corruption of the Social Democratic Party, which had been in power for some forty years.

Recent events in the United States are extremely disturbing.  The Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force (MJTF) was organized by then-President George Bush in 1989.  This is a national police force comprised of state, federal and local forces, such as National Guard units and local police and sheriff departments, under Federal control.   Its mission will be to conduct search and seizure raids on private homes and businesses, to capture dissidents, and to run the system of 43 detention camps now authorized by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The MJTF operates on the medieval principle of pillage -- steal what you want under color of law.  This is the same concept as the Drug Enforcement Agency uses to confiscate property from drug dealers.   It's as illegal as hell, but it's done anyway.

The MJTF has entered into a contract with the Cryps and the Bloods street gangs in Los Angeles, and are negotiating similar contracts elsewhere.  The plan is to use gang members as the shock troops, similar to Hitler's SA Brown Shirts.  They will enter homes and businesses wearing their ski masks as a terror tactic, and take the brunt of the resistance, thereby sparing the more highly trained police officers.

Another secret group is the so-called Financial Crime Enforcement Network (FINCEN).  These are mostly highly trained military personnel from many foreign nations operating under United Nations control.  Like the MJTF, these foreign mercenaries will be used primarily for search and seizure missions.  Elements of these forces are reportedly training in Montana right now.  Former U.S.S.R. bombers now reportedly fly training missions into the United States from bases in Canada.

The main concern of these national and international police forces is the guns and ammunition in the possession of free Citizens.  If this firepower can be removed from the Citizens, they will no longer have the means to resist tyrannical aggression.  The Founding Fathers recognized this threat, of course, which is the reason why we have the Second Amendment to our Constitution.  It explains the real reason for the raid on the Branch Davidian complex in Waco, Texas, by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) and the FBI. 

The government's fear of an armed citizenry is also the rationale for the Gun Control Act of 1968 (which was taken directly from Nazi Germany's 1938 law on that subject) and the proposed Brady Bill.  If all honest Citizens register their guns, the government will know where to go to confiscate them.

As you may know, the Federal Emergency Management Act (FEMA) gives the President the power to declare a national emergency and declare martial law, taking control of all aspects of our lives.  The country would be divided into ten districts, each with a governor appointed by the President.  What might trigger such a national emergency?

In his book Bankruptcy 1995, Harry Figgie concludes that the Federal debt will become so large by 1995 that the government will be forced to default on its obligations.  This could cause bank closures, bankruptcies of private businesses, loss of many jobs, hyperinflation, and a major depression.

Tying all these facts together, is it possible that the international bankers and capitalists are plotting the collapse of our economy in the next few years so that they can grasp total political and economic control of the world?  If so, what can we do about it?

Our main defense is the education of the American public.  Most Americans are very patriotic and loyal to this country.   The conspirators are aware of this fact, which accounts for their passion for secrecy.  Thus, exposure of the conspiracy will force it to retreat.  A key question here is whether the news media will prove to be more loyal to the American public or to the government and the CFR, which largely control the media

A second major factor is the element of big government on which the conspiracy depends to achieve its objectives.  More and more people are becoming aware that big government is more likely to be the cause of problems, rather than to be the solution to problems.  We are witnessing the demise of socialism nearly everywhere in the world except the United States, and it is questionable how long we Americans will put up with that nonsense.  The answer is more individual and business freedom, to lead our lives without Big Brother trying to micro-manage us.

The third major factor is the control of the monetary system by the international bankers, under the guise of the Federal Reserve System.  Simply disbanding the Fed and transferring the monetary functions to the U.S. Treasury would not accomplish much, because the same individuals would still be in control of the system.  We need to return to the gold and silver standards to prevent human meddling with the system.  As you may recall, when we had the gold standard, an ounce of gold was the exchange rate for $35.  Gold is now selling for about $375 an ounce.  This is another way of saying that the present dollar is worth 9.34 cents today, compared to what it was worth when we abandoned the gold standard in 1934.  Did you ever wonder why you feel less well off now than you did in the past?  Did you ever wonder whether the government and the bankers may have something to do with this?

Are you willing to help restore this country to its proper status as a Constitutional Republic?  We can stop these conspirators by exposing them, and by trying the leaders for treason.  But, we'll need to pull together on this and work pretty fast.   We don't have much time.

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