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'Sextionary' Defines Planned Parenthood's Agenda for Teens
By Michael L. Betsch
CNSNews.com Staff Writer
November 11, 2002

(CNSNews.com) - In an attempt to prevent America's youth from depending on "unreliable sources" for "life-saving" sexual health information, Planned Parenthood Federation of America has launched its 'Sextionary' to serve as the Internet's authoritative sex education destination.

Utilizing cartoon-like animation to depict sexually oriented issues in a "fun" manner, Planned Parenthood boasts that the Sextionary "engages teens in a process that allows them to learn about sexuality." And, the pro-abortion group assures young visitors that it's providing "sexuality and relationship information that you can trust."

The Sextionary offers teens a variety of interactive options that attempt to define a wide array of sexual health terms and issues that Planned Parenthood claims are "commonly misunderstood." Visitors are prompted to click a puzzle icon to play "Games," a movie camera to view "Movies," and a treasure chest to take "Quizzes."

Homosexual Advocacy Games

The only one way to win the game entitled, "Jim Dandy and His Very Gay Day," is to agree with Planned Parenthood's pro-homosexual agenda.

According to an animated alien that narrates the game, "Being gay is a little like being left-handed; it's not something that you choose, it's simply the way you are. And the way you are is perfectly fine, no matter which hand you write with, no matter who you're attracted to."

In order to progress to the next level in this game, players are given unlimited opportunities to select the "correct" answer to questions such as: "People who are sexually attracted to people of both genders are often called ..."

Upon selecting "Bisexuals," teens are rewarded with the knowledge that: "Having crushes on and having sex with both guys and girls is perfectly normal. People who are attracted to people of both genders sometimes call themselves 'bisexual.'"

Movies With a Message

Planned Parenthood offers seven unique short films that deal with issues concerning homosexuality; HIV and AIDS; abstinence and peer pressure; sexually transmitted infections; and contraception.

Planned Parenthood peer educators wrote "Lipstick" as a short documentary celebrating a high school girl's courage to be open about her homosexuality.

"Emily's a lot like her high school friends, but she steps out from the pack when she introduces them to her girlfriend," the preview states.

Another featured film entitled, "The Monster," attempts to give teens a "glimpse into the world of guys" by highlighting issues dealing with the stigma attached to HIV status. Planned Parenthood notes that the informational movie was written by incarcerated youth at Rikers Island, N.Y.

Pro-Abortion Quiz

The "Facts About Abortion Quiz" offers an opportunity for guys and girls to test their knowledge and "learn some important information about abortion."

Question: "Worldwide, how many women will have an abortion by the time they are 45 years old?"

Answer: "Nearly half of all women will have an abortion by the time they are 45 years old. About five million women in the U.S. become pregnant every year. Half of those pregnancies are unintended, and 1.2 million end in abortion."

Question: "If I decide to have an abortion, do I have to tell my parents about my decision, or get their permission?"

Answer: "While more than half of the teenagers who choose abortion talk about it with at least one parent, telling a parent is only required in states with mandatory parental involvement laws. The Supreme Court has ruled, however, that there must be another option to parental notification or consent for a minor. It is called 'judicial bypass.' In judicial bypass, a judge can either rule that the young woman is mature enough to make this decision without a parent's consent, or that she is not mature enough to make this decision without informing them."

'Sesame Street With Sex'

Andrea Lafferty, executive director of the Traditional Values Coalition, said Planned Parenthood's Sextionary is "the kind of thing they would do on Sesame Street ... but Sesame Street with sex."

Lafferty said she was outraged when she clicked on a "factoid" intended to provide teenage boys with in-depth information about "performance anxiety," a term defined as the "fear of being unable to please a partner sexually."

"I would love to take this 'performance anxiety' clip and show it to parents across the country and see what they say," Lafferty said. "It reinforces the point that we've made that Planned Parenthood is about promoting sex. They're sex peddlers."

Lafferty condemned Planned Parenthood for "desensitizing" teenagers to the seriousness of sex.

"They think that they're cute," she said. "I think most parents would be shocked by this."

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