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This Legal Notice and Demand is to be sent to a bank or financial institution who has received a Notice of Levy from the IRS requesting that they levy bank assets.  It requests that they idenfity any evidence that one's due process rights have been waived.

Certified U.S. Mail                             [mailing location]
Serial Number #P xxx xxx xxx                        [city],[state]
Return Receipt Requested                         (zip code exempt)
Restricted Delivery Requested                       [today's date]

                     LEGAL NOTICE AND DEMAND

[bank officer]
[name of bank]
[city], [state]

Dear [bank officer]:

     Please provide  me with  certified copies of all documentary
evidence currently  in your  bank's possession  or  control  that
[customer] waived the fundamental Right to due process of Law, as
guaranteed by  the Fifth  Amendment in  the Constitution  for the
United States  of America,  as  lawfully  amended,  by   means  of
knowing, intentional,  and voluntary  acts done  with  sufficient
awareness of  the relevant  circumstance and likely consequences.
See Brady  v. U.S., 397 U.S. 742 at 748 (1970).  Please also take
formal notice  of the  U.S. Supreme Court holding that waivers of
fundamental Rights will not be presumed, to wit:

     ... [A]cquiescence in loss of fundamental rights will not be
                       [Ohio Bell v. Public Utilities Commission]
                                                   [301 U.S. 292]

     If you  do not  provide said  evidence to   [customer] on  or
before 5:00  p.m. on  Friday,  [mm/dd/yy],  [customer]  shall   be
entitled to  proceed on  the basis  of the conclusive presumption
that there  is no  such evidence  currently in your possession or
control, and  that [customer]  never waived the fundamental Right
to due  process of  law, as  guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment in
the Constitution  for the  United States  of America, as lawfully
amended (hereinafter "U.S. Constitution").

     Thank you  very much  for your consideration.  We appreciate
your timely  and dutiful  cooperation with  this Legal Notice and
Demand.   Please don't  forget your  deadline, as  shown  in   the
preceding paragraph.

Sincerely yours,

[signature of customer]
[name of customer]
All rights reserved without prejudice, UCC 1-207

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