FORMS: 4.31 Mail Forwarding Agreement
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The document below is used in conjunction with by those persons who are establishing a mail forwarding arrangement with a mailbox provider who is outside the country.  This process is documented in step 3.1 of the Income Tax Freedom Forms and Instructions Area and also discussed in section of the Great IRS Hoax book.




1           Definitions

Client:  Person who has initiated this agreement and requested a postal box.

Mail Forwarding Provider (MFP):  The company or legal person who has agreed to accept mail, registered mail, and parcels on behalf of Client and agrees to abide fully by the terms of this agreement.


Special Correspondence:  Correspondence relating to tax liability and originating from either the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or from the _____________________________________________________(state department of revenue name)


2           Terms

This agreement governs the future rights and obligations arising out of the business arrangement established on this date between __________________________________________(name), hereinafter referred to as “Client” and ___________________________________(company name), hereinafter referred to as “Mail Forwarding Provider (MFP)”.  The purpose of this agreement is not to avoid or evade the law, but simply to provide the most protection possible under the Constitution and federal law for the privacy of Client, since privacy protection is only reason for establishing this agreement to begin with.  The account established by this agreement will not be used for business purposes nor for illegal commercial transactions, but strictly and simply for private personal use.


Client agrees to:

1.        Pay all fees due in a timely fashion.

2.        Abide by the terms of any agreements provided by Mail Forwarding Provider and signed by Client.

3.        Timely notify Mail Forwarding Provider of any change in the forwarding address for mail.

4.        Not use the established account for any illegal or unlawful purpose.


Mail Forwarding Provider agrees to:

1.        Forward all general mail received at the interval appearing below, put into a single envelope which is thick enough that the writing on letters inside it may not be viewed even with the aid of lighting behind the envelope.  Interval (check one)

1.1.        Monthly on the 1st of each month

1.2.        Every two weeks on the First and the 15th of month

2.        Forward all Special Correspondence immediately when received.

3.        Not provide any of the documents or information below to any third party unless compelled by a Canadian (not American) court through an order signed by a judge or magistrate.

3.1.      The forwarding address of or any information about Client to any third party

3.2.      The origin or sender of any mail received by Client

3.3.      Any agreements or submissions provided by Client in connection with this agreement.

4.        In the event that information about Client must be disclosed to any third party for any reason, then Mail Forwarding Provider agrees to provide to Client within 3 days of receipt the following:

4.1.      Complete contact information about the identity of the inquiring party, including name, phone number, email address, and mailing address.

4.2.      A photocopy of the document, if any, that constitutes the request from the third party inquirer.

4.3.      A citation of one of the following reasons justifying why the information was disclosed by the Mail Forwarding Provider to third party without a court order, if it was disclosed without a court order:

4.3.1.    The statute and/or implementing regulation that obligates disclosure, and a statement of the reasons why MFP believes he is subject to such statute and/or implementing regulation..

4.3.2.    A signed copy of the company policy document that obligates disclosure.

5.        Timely notify Client of any changes in the rates or costs of services provided by Mail Forwarding Provider.

6.        Bill the credit card of Client for all charges in connection with the services provided by Mail Forwarding Provider (MFP).

7.        Sign, date, and scan in and email back a copy of this signed form to Client within 24 hours after signing it to the email address provided in the next section.


3           Signatures


Email address of Client:______________________________________

Mail box number:_______________

Address of Mail Forwarding Provider:______________________________________________________
Business Phone of Mail Forwarding Provider:____________________



Signature of Client





Signature of Agent for Mail Forwarding Provider