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This letter is to be sent to to any government agency or employee who insists that you have an obligation to do something as a matter of law that clearly violates your constitutional protections as a natural forn citizen of the 50 states.

TO:       Whom It May Concern

SUBJECT:  General Reservation of Rights

Please be  advised that My use of the phrase "All Rights Reserved
without Prejudice" below My signature on this document means:

(1)  that I explicitly reject any and all benefits of the Uniform
     Commercial Code
,  absent a  valid commercial agreement which
     is in  force and  to which  I  am  a   party,  and  cite  its
     provisions herein  only to serve notice upon ALL agencies of
     government, whether international, national, state or local,
     that they,  and not  I, are subject to, and bound by, all of
     its provisions, whether cited herein or not;

(2)  that My  explicit reservation  of Rights  has served  notice
     upon ALL  agencies of  government of the "Remedy" which they
     must provide  for Me  under Article  1, Section   207 of  the
     Uniform Commercial  Code, whereby I have explicitly reserved
     My Common Law Right not to be compelled to perform under any
     contract or  commercial agreement  that I  have not  entered
     into knowingly, voluntarily, and intentionally;

(3)  that My  explicit reservation  of Rights  has served  notice
     upon ALL agencies of government that they are ALL limited to
     proceeding against  Me only  in harmony  with the Common Law
     and that  I do  not,  and  will  not   accept  the  liability
     associated with  the "compelled"  benefit of   any unrevealed
     commercial agreements;  and

(4)  that My  valid reservation  of Rights  has preserved  all My
     Rights  and  prevented  the  loss  of   any  such  Rights  by
     application of the concepts of waiver or estoppel.

Sincerely yours,

[your signature here]