Sample Legal Address Inquiry Letter from a Financial Institution

  Legal Address Form Attachment

After the USA Patriot Act beginning in 2001, financial institutions began demanding, under the authority of this Act, information from their clients about their "legal address".  The "legal address" is actually one's "domicile".  The problem with this information demand made by financial institutions is that it:

  1. Does not apply outside of the federal zone and especially not to "nonresident aliens".
  2. Invades one's financial privacy.
  3. Derives from the USA Patriot Act, which, like most other federal legislation only applies on federal property, because its authority does not derive from the Constitution.

When people receive such an inquiry, they often don't know how to respond without sacrificing their privacy.  Consequently, we have prepared an form you can attach to the form they send you to send in.  All you have to do is enter "Heaven" for "legal address", attach the form, sign, and send in your response.  This makes protecting your privacy easier and reminds financial institutions that they are enforcing a law that simply does not apply to them.