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The pamphlet below is intended to be handed out to citizens in large gatherings to wake them up to IRS abuses and get them involved.


The IRS track record of abuse, arrogance, intimidation and blatant theft, clearly documents that there is no greater threat to our individual rights than the IRS. With the IRS, right or wrong doesn't matter. The winner is the last man standing with the biggest wallet.

If our liberty is to be retained, WE, the American people, must put an end to this arrogant and abusive track record once and for all. For all Americans who value their safety, privacy and liberty, there is only one solution:


As long as the IRS can access the names and addresses of campaign contributors, to harass and intimidate them, there can be no fair elections.

As long as the IRS maintains a special file on federal judges, the IRS controls the federal courts and there can be no fair tax trials.

Once information is volunteered to the IRS through tax forms, there is no personal privacy and protection "of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects," as guaranteed under the Constitution for the United States of America.

As an American, you not only have the right, but the duty, to protect your liberty.

Here are five steps you can take to help destroy the IRS:

  1. 1st Understand the extent of the problem. Verify the information stated above. Go to the public library. Read the books "LOST RIGHTS - The Destruction of American Liberty" (ISBN 0-312-10351-4) by James Bovard, "UNBRIDLED POWER - An expose of the IRS" (ISBN 0-887-30829-5) by Shelley L. Davis, a former IRS employee historian and "A LAW UNTO ITSELF - Power, Politics and the IRS" (ISBN 0-394-56097-3) by David Burnham.
  2. 2nd Act as master of your government and not as a servant subject to it. Call your congressmen and ask if they support the bills to abolish both the income tax and the IRS. If they are not, ask why not and insist that they support these efforts if they want your vote.
  3. 3rd Make the destruction of the IRS a personal goal. Help distribute these fliers. Make ten copies, pass them out to ten of your friends, and ask them to make ten copies and pass them out to ten of their friends.
  4. 4th Obtain copies of this flier from us ($6/100), send us postage stamps and a donation of your choice to help us with our goal to distribute a million copies of this flier during the year.
  5. 5th Until we accomplish our mutual objective of destroying the IRS, don't forget the three basic rules of survival if accosted by any IRS agent for any reason: 1) Don't say anything, 2) Keep your mouth shut and 3) SHUT UP. Insist that all inquiries made by the IRS be in writing. Only you should choose the time and place to talk, if you want to talk at all.

We need you to help build an awareness of our rights and the threat to our rights. Our mutual efforts will lead to a vocal public outcry. A vocal public outcry will lead to the destruction of the IRS, the primary threat to our liberty

History has shown that an oppression was eventually destroyed because of one woman, with intestinal fortitude, who defied unlawful authority and refused to sit in the back of the bus.

For further information, consult the following website and join the fight if you like!: