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The email message below is intended to be sent out to all your friends and loved ones and coworkers to provide them a way to find out the truth about the fraud that we know as the income tax.

Dear Friend,

How would you like to escape ever again having to pay both state and federal income taxes?  Did you know you aren't liable to pay them?  Let some attorneys, a CPA, a former IRS agent, employers, and even a jury foreman tell you about it!

A friend of mine has to put together a movie that very convincingly tells the story of why these assertions are true, and there's also a large and comprehensive FREE online book consisting of over 1,400 pages of hard core evidence useful as follow-up to the movie that shows you step-by-step how to legally stop paying state and federal income taxes forever.

It will cost you nothing to learn the truth or watch the movie or download and read the book for yourself.  I'm simply sharing the truth with all of you because I  want you to be set free from slavery to the IRS.  This is NOT a scam.   THIS IS FOR REAL!

You can watch the movie and download the FREE book from the following web address:

You will need a PC that has Microsoft Media Player version 7 or higher installed, which you can download from the address on the above page.

If you'd like to learn more about this fascinating subject, then you are welcome to visit the following website, which has a wealth of information about tax freedom at:

If you like the movie, then I'd like to encourage you to PLEASE let all your friends and loved ones know about this.  The situation described in the movie is the biggest fraud in the history of the world and you and people you care about, including loved ones, coworkers, church friends, and relatives, deserve to hear about it!  Spread the word!  Knowing the truth has changed my life forever and I am excited to tell everyone I know about what I have learned.  You received this message because you are one of the people that I care about and respect and I want to help.

Good luck and Warm Regards,