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This letter is intended to be sent out by activists to regular citizens to wake them up to the fraud and conspiracy that perpetuates the income tax.

U.S. Appeal For Liberty And Justice

P.O. Box 12345

Nowhere, CA  92345

 February 24, 2001

Dear Sir or Madam:

This letter is to inform you, among as many citizens of the United States of America as can be reached, about a nationwide federal government fraud that has plagued its People for nearly a century.  If you pay income taxes and you are a citizen of the United States of America and your income derives from your hard work for a non-foreign business that is not directly acquainted with your civil, state, or federal government, this fraud has perpetuated itself into your own finances in an extreme fashion.

The Internal Revenue Code contains detailed information about the applicability of taxation of earned income, yet the laws that make most citizens of United States of America liable for income taxes do not exist.  In fact, laws that would create income taxes for most citizens of the United States of America are disallowed by the Constitution of the United States of America.  Unfortunately, a plague of ignorance and fear has swept Our nation about the laws of Our country, with “common presumption” and an unfair and misleading Judicial System being the defining and applied law of Our nation.

This world has hundreds of incompatible religions and doctrines, each proclaiming that it is the only true religion, each with a centuries or millenniums old following.  (While one religion may be true, they cannot all be true if they are incompatible.)  The psychology of the human mind is a fallible and feeble one, yet it clings to what its tradition, its superiors, and its authorities declare.  Until a few centuries ago, no one believed that the earth was round.  Until a few decades ago, no one believed that any object could travel faster than the speed of sound.  All of these things have been disproved over time, and in spite of the controversy of each discovery, the world has adjusted to these findings.

We are not done with discoveries yet.  But Our ignorance this time is not a scientific or religious matter.  Our ignorance is with Our own laws.  We have forgotten that Our country was not founded to be maintained by Our leaders alone but by Our own selves, and by doing so we have voluntarily sacrificed Our individual responsibility to keep Our leaders in check.  We have failed to examine the very laws that Our enforcers claim exist.  The end result is that Our country, which was once “We The People”, stands vulnerably enslaved to a shrouded tyranny of a far greater degree than most of us realize.

If you are like most Americans, at least 20-35% of your paycheck is withheld and sent to the Internal Revenue Service.  What you may not have realized is that your payment of “taxes” was voluntary, and you probably didn’t even know that it might not have been owed in the first place.  This is not a matter of tax breaks or allowances.  This is a matter of understanding whether your income in its entirety is liable for taxation at all.

 “The love of money is the root of all evil.”  There is no question that money is a powerful force in any developed society.  Our country was founded by We The People, standing up to a tyrannical government that imposed “taxation without representation”.

There appears to be an underestimation by Our People, however, regarding the importance of money matters in today’s operations of Our government.  In fact, Our government is run by human beings, the same species that fills Our prisons with criminals.  And when it comes to money, there is no stopping anyone from developing selfish intentions, even among those in Our government.

In recent years, the discoveries have been made that some of Our appointed leaders have not been properly accounted for, and, as a result, they have shamelessly steered Our nation in a direction that completely violates or even perverts the Constitution of the United States.

For example, in the 1980s, a man named William Benson, a former criminal investigator for the Illinois Department of Revenue for 10 years, made the astonishing discovery that the Sixteenth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America was fraudulently declared into law without proper authorization of the States.  Benson visited all 48 state capitals involved in the 1913 amendment ratification to examine the historical documents and see if the state governments had indeed ratified the amendment.  The evidence was clear and obvious: Secretary of State Philander Chase Knox fraudulently issued a proclamation that 38 states had ratified the amendment, when in fact this was not true.  (Benson has published his findings in his two-volume book series, The Law That Never Was.)  It was no coincidence, then, that the Internal Revenue Service was established in 1913 and that the Federal Reserve Bank was established in 1913, the same year that the Sixteenth Amendment supposedly “became Constitutional law”.  What has resulted from the multi-faceted 1913 conspiracy is worthless fiat money and inflation, for which interest is payed for by the “ignorance” (income) tax, and which is a direct and unlawful violation of Article I, Section 10 of the Constitution.

For some time, it has also been known and reexamined by a careful few individuals that the income tax laws do not actually impose taxes on most citizens working and living within the U.S.  (A simple examination of 26 CFR 1.863-1(c) and all indicated references and sub-references should reveal this.)  Yet, the Internal Revenue Service still drags citizens to court every year.  The courts make “criminals” out of law-abiding citizens for breaking laws that do not exist.  They encourage the media to report the punishment of these individuals, for the sole purpose of putting fear and misunderstanding into the hearts of Americans.

The harsh reality of the abuses of law that the executive and judicial branches of government have exercised is a serious matter that is worthy of your attention.  Entire wars have been fought over matters of tyranny such as this.  One such war was Our own, in Our initial statement of independence from Great Britain.

But unfortunately, no one seems to care about the clear and obvious facts regarding the government’s explicit violations of Our laws.  It is business as usual for the federal government and for nonsensical, nave, and unwise American citizens who do not realize the danger of their apathy, laziness, and/or disbelief, nearly all of which have accepted the intended fear that the government has imposed upon the People. The apparent reality is that it is no longer in the interests of Our leaders to cease the fraudulence that began a century ago.  They will not cooperate on their own.  It is now Our responsibility to stand up!

The following observations can be made upon examination of the facts:

  • The Constitution disallows the imposition of a direct tax on the incomes of citizens working and living with the U.S.  Such a tax would be a burden and a regulation on these incomes—your property—which is a violation of the liberties issued to the citizens of the states by the Constitution and by God Himself.

  • The Fifth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America disallows the government from taking private property for public use without just compensation.  The payment of interest to the Federal Reserve debt—and otherwise fines, fees, and imprisonment for nonpayment of income taxes—are not “just compensation”.

  • The Fifth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America also prohibits the federal government from requiring anyone to file a tax return if there is any possibility that the return can be used against the person in a criminal case.  The courts have frequently and unlawfully denied persons their due Fifth Amendment rights in this matter.
  • The Thirteenth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America protects us from being imposed “involuntary servitude”.  Wages and salaries are the direct remuneration for personal services rendered.  If any of this remuneration is involuntarily redirected or apportioned from the recipient to a third party such as the government then the time and/or effort spent to achieve those wages or salaries occured as slavery and the money taken as involuntarily servitude.  Therefore, the “income tax” for most citizens of the United States of America generating income in the United States of America is voluntary, and is therefore not a tax but a donation, which is paid toward interest of the Federal Reserve debt.

  • In 1984 William Benson visited 48 states to examine historical documents concerning the ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment.  He proved and documented that the Sixteenth (“Income Tax”) Amendment to the Constitution was not properly ratified by all required states and was fraudulently added to the Constitution.  The courts have ignored the facts concerning the ratification of the amendment.  It should therefore be addressed by all states and by Congress so that it can be removed from the context of the Constitution, where it clearly does not belong.

  • The Internal Revenue Service frequently points to the Sixteenth Amendment as proof that that the federal government has the right to place a direct tax on your income.  However, the Sixteenth Amendment created no such power.  The Sixteenth Amendment is a reiteration of the limitations of Congress’ power; it is not an empowering amendment.  It disallows Congress to place apportionments on income taxes.  Therefore, income taxes can only be indirect taxes, and cannot be direct taxes; you cannot have a direct tax without apportionment.

  • Our country’s leaders (Our Senators, the IRS commissioner, etc.) are aware of these matters, yet they consistently refuse to admit or refute the accusations.  They have even attempted bribery to keep the truth from being known.  This is a serious matter of law, and their avoidance of the issue is a clear indication of confirmation of a willful conspiracy to keep the public ignorant of the truth.

  • Determination of whether a supposed law is fraudulent or illegitimate is a matter that is supposed to be taken up by the United States Judicial System.  Yet the Supreme Court has denied looking into the matter of the 16th Amendment’s ratification, in spite of the conclusive and detailed evidence presented by William Benson, because, they claim, it is a “political matter”.

  • According to the Internal Revenue Code, the so-called “Income Tax” is only applicable to foreigners, foreign sources, and government employees.  It does not indicate, in any form or fashion, that citizens of the United States of America who receive remuneration from non-foreign businesses in the United States of America are subject to taxation.  Any serious and unbiased review of the Internal Revenue Code and the associated regulations will confirm this.

  • The conspiracy of the income tax thrives on ignorance.  Most Internal Revenue Service staff as well as most tax “experts” are ill-informed to presume that income taxes apply to every living human within the United States and that the only sections of the Internal Revenue Code presumably worth examining are those used in determining how to measure the details of the imposed tax (i.e. “You obviously owe, of course, so the only question is how much”).  The sections of the Internal Revenue Code that specifically define exactly what sources of income are considered taxable, such as 26 USC 861, are frequently ignored by tax “experts” and IRS employees who claim that these sections are for “something else”.  Historically, these sections indicated that only foreign sources are considered taxable.  Yet these individuals have been unable to identify exactly which section of the Internal Revenue Code identifies the earned remuneration of citizens living and working within the United States working for a non-foreign business to be taxable, because such laws do not exist.

  • In 1954, certain parts of the Internal Revenue Code were re-worded—without intention to redefine law—to obfuscate the applicability of taxation of foreign income and to make income taxes appear to be applicable to the general American public.  Other such cover-ups occurred in 1921, 1978, 1988, and 1995.

These accusations likely make you skeptical of both sides of the story.  But this is a plea to you and to your household: Determine for yourself who is telling the truth.

We are at a bind, Our hands are tied, until every American learns to wake up and stand up to tyranny and holds the government in its place.  The government should not be above Us, nor should We be dictated or enslaved by Our government.  We The People should run Our government, not the government run Us.  In the event Our government assumes control of the People, We would once again find ourselves in the bondage of slavery and tyranny.  But this has already happened.

There are many things you can do.  1) Be conscientious of and educated in Our laws, their history, and why they exist.  2) Demand that your senator or representative take a stand in favor of the liberties of the People in light of the facts listed herein.  3) Determine how to take a stand for yourself. Is safety in the chains of tyranny more important to you than your liberty and personal security?  4) Stop using fiat money and worthless Federal Reserve Notes.  There are other legal forms of currency, such as NORFED currency (see, that contain genuine value as titles to silver or gold.  Ask your bank to consider accepting NORFED currency as a registered Redemption Center.  5) Sign and have your friends and neighbors sign the attached petition and mail it to us.  We will collect and count the petitions and submit them together in 2002.

Do not be too concerned about the “patriotic duty” of paying voluntary monies the IRS calls “income tax” to the government.  The financial requirements of Our government to operate are irrelevant to this debate because a) Our federal government, in cooperation with the Federal Reserve Bank, makes money out of thin air as it is needed, and b) the income taxes do not pay for federal government operations but for interest on the Federal Reserve debt.  Our government is not kept in check by how much money it is funded by its People; rather, it splurges into deeper debt as it pleases.

If you wish to take a stand against a tyrannical and irresponsible government or against the concerned Americans who are responsible for sending you this information, please first examine the evidence brought before you.  You will find that the accusations made herein are more legitimate than most would realize.



A Concerned Citizen

As a concerned citizen among We The People of the United States of America, I hereby make my grievances known:

It is my understanding and belief that Article 1 of the Constitution of the United States requires that every state utilize a legal tender of ONLY gold or silver for the payment of debts, and that our current utilization of fiat money as currency is a direct violation of this Constitutional law.  

_____ (initials)

It is my understanding and belief that the Fifth and Thirteenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States indicate that the persons and properties of citizens working and living within the United States are securely protected from any law that would generally require citizens en masse to relinquish portions thereof for public (government) use, and any enforcement in violation of these Constitutional laws is understood to be unlawful.

_____ (initials)

I have learned of, or have otherwise been exposed to, the Internal Revenue Code and related laws that make a taxpayer required to pay income taxes.  I understand that income is determined as taxable income according to its source, activity, form, and location.  However, I know of no law that implicitly violates the Constitution by indicating that the income of most citizens working and living within the United States and receiving their income from sources within the United States (as per 26 USC 861 and all associated regulations) are taxable.

_____ (initials)

I have learned of, or have otherwise been exposed to, news and other articles indicating the fining and/or imprisonment of citizens for maintaining their liberties as outlined in the Constitution.  It is my belief that while these people experienced costly penalties for the non-payment of income taxes, unconstitutional laws under which these arraignments were supposedly judged are not known to me, nor, to my knowledge, have these laws been included as evidence or as a basis of judgment in these arraignments except where interpretation involved perverse misinterpretation or violation of federal or Constitutional law.

_____ (initials)

It is my observation that all of the branches of government have conspired to conceal from and confuse the American public the many violations of Constitutional and statutory laws that have occurred in the enforcement and misapplication of the “income tax”.

_____ (initials)

I, a citizen of a state within the United States of America, hereby demand  that these be resolved:

-          That Representatives of all branches of federal government admit wrongdoing, whether the wrongdoing was in active or inactive involvement.

-          That the United States Treasury and the Justice Department (the courts) admit and adhere to the facts of law, that no law of an income tax imposed on the salaries and wages of citizens working and living within the United States exists in any statute or regulation.

-          That legislation remove the cryptic obfuscation in the Internal Revenue Code that makes the income tax appear to the untrained eye to be mandatory for everyone.

-          That Federal Reserve Notes be banned by all fifty States, and only gold and silver coins, or titles to gold and silver, be used as tender for payment of debts, as per Article I of the Constitution.

-          That new processes be put into place to keep all Departments of the Federal and State governments in check with regard to limiting the taxation and other forms of control of the American people.


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