INSTRUCTIONS:  1.3.  Vote Consistently for the Representatives and Issues You Believe In and Against Those You Don't

It is extremely important that you research the resumes and backgrounds and voting histories of the representatives that you elect to office before you cast a vote in their favor.  You should elect only those representatives who are aware of the issues discussed in this document and who will advocate a position on them that you can agree with.  A good place to research the voting history of candidates for political office is at the Project Vote-Smart website.  This website does the most extensive and objective political research on the largest number of candidates that we have seen.  You can find them at:

It is fair to say that the Libertarian party advocates a position that is usually most aligned with the tax policies advocated in this document.

It is also extremely important that when you register to vote, that your voter registration includes your proper citizenship status, which is that of a “U.S. national” and not a “U.S. citizen”.  Section 9.6.6 includes a Voter Registration Attachment to use that will properly reflect your status so you don’t get trapped into claiming a type of citizenship that makes you liable for either state or federal income taxes.