INSTRUCTIONS:  1.5. Learn and Follow the Law

“One who turns away his ear from hearing the law,
Even his prayer shall be an abomination.”

[Prov. 28:9,Bible, NKJV]

Teach me, O Lord, the way of Your statutes,
And I shall keep it to the end.
Give me understanding, and I shall keep Your law;
Indeed, I shall observe it with my whole heart.
Make me walk in the path of Your Commandments,
For I delight in it.”
[Psalms 119:33-35, Bible, NKJV]

"All persons in the United States are chargeable with knowledge of the Statutes-at-Large....[I]t is well established that anyone who deals with the government assumes the risk that the agent acting in the government's behalf has exceeded the bounds of his authority,"
[Bollow v. Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, 650 F.2d 1093 (9th Cir. 1981)]

"The heart of the prudent acquires knowledge,
And the ear of the wise seeks knowledge."
[Prov. 18:15-16, Bible, NKJV]

“The heart of the righteous studies how to answer,
But the mouth of the wicked pours forth evil.”
[Prov. 15:28, Bible, NKJV]

The heart of the wise teaches his mouth, and adds learning to his lips.” 
[Prov. 16:23, Bible, NKJV]

“Only a fool knows everything. A wise man knows how little he knows.”

Many people are intimidated by the law, because we learn so little about it in the course of our inferior education.  We believe this isn't an accident, but a result of the fact that the government runs the public schools and sheep who are trained in the public schools make more compliant puppets who will question their authority less often.    That’s why we recommend getting your children out of the public schools as soon as possible.

The only way to conquer one's fear of the IRS and of litigation is with knowledge.  Knowledge conquers fear and empowers people to defend their rights, and this is especially true in the information age!  A well-prepared taxpayer  who owns a computer and has a high-speed Internet connection, has access to a law library, and who has patience and free time can educate him/herself on the law and become a capable litigator without ever setting foot in a law school classroom.  That is the approach I am taking and it works quite well.

If you will be litigating your case in court, we recommend reading chapter 6 of the Tax Fraud Prevention Manual  entitled “Federal Tax Litigation Fundamentals”, which gives you a very good background on how to successfully litigate tax issues in federal courts.  Chapter 7 of that book also points to many of the legal resources you will need to use and have in order to be adequately prepared to litigate your own case against the IRS...if it comes to that, which hopefully it won't, because your knowledge of the law will prevent the abuses they execute on most Americans, who will be less educated than you.  That chapter has pointers to a number of sources for U.S. Codes, Code of Federal Regulations, and Supreme Court  cases.  The FindLaw website   is among the very best sites for doing legal research and we highly recommend it.  However, their case databases are very small and only go back a couple years at best:

If you want to go much further back than a couple years with FindLaw, then you will also need a subscription to the following case research website, available inexpensively for $8.95 per month for basic service billed electronically to your checking account automatically every month.

Versus Law,

We recommend their premium service for $19.95/month because it has a lot of value for the dollar.  This site has Federal and State Supreme court cases, Federal and state appellate court cases, federal district court cases, statutes at the state and federal level, and state administrative regulations.  They have a tremendous search engine as well.  The best of breed and quite affordable for the pro per litigant, this site is the best place to get all of your case cites without the trouble of maintaining a large and bulky paper library or spending a lot of money on subscriptions and updates.

Part of knowing the law also consists of putting together your own mini law library.  A good source for legal books to help you get started as a pro per or pro se litigant is Nolo Press, at  They don’t publish laws, but their books are very easy to understand for the layman and give you a very good grounding in courtroom etiquette, legal research, discovery procedure, pleadings, etc.  You can save yourself a ton of money and avoid law school if you buy and meticulously read and highlight their books.  The first legal book I ever read was written by them, and it was called:  Represent Yourself In Court, Paul Bergman, ISBN 0-87337-402-9.  In addition to this book, other indispensable books and software you will want in your library include:

Table 3-2:  Recommended law library




ISBN or Part Number


Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition West Publishing West Publishing; 610 Opperman Drive; P.O. Box 64526; St. Paul, MN 55164 ISBN 0-314-77165-4 A MUST have.
In Their Own Words, Third Edition Gerald Alan Brown, Ed.D. & Charles V. Darnell, D.H.Sc. Distress Publishing; C/o 1040 S. Mt Vernon Ave, G-118; Colton, CA  92324.   You MUST GET A COPY OF THIS BOOK!  EXCELLENT!  A resource book containing extracts from federal and state authorities establishing the judicial authority of the federal and state governments with special attention to sovereignty, citizenship, federal taxation, and remedies for the innocent.  This book is the most valuable book we own, because it is so thoroughly researched and indexed and complete.

Paralegal Practice and Procedure

Larbalestrier, Deborah E.

Prentice Hall

ISBN 0-13-108564-6

Tells how to organize and execute your legal battle from an administrative perspective.

Tax Research CD-ROM (the best!) CFS Software CFS Sofware;1445 Los Angeles Ave., Ste. 214, Simi Valley CA 93065;800-343-1157 ;;$99

The best and most complete source electronic source available for doing tax research.  Includes Internal Revenue Code, Treasure Regulations, Internal Revenue Bulletins, etc.
Tax Research Compendium CD-ROM All About Freedom Tax Freedom 101; Phone:  877-285-2104;; Cost: $129
The Federal Mafia Schiff, Irwin Freedom Books; Las Vegas, NV 89104; 702-385-6920 ISBN 0-930374-09-6 Very good for practical advice on how the federal government and IRS illegally operate.
The Bluebook:  A Uniform System of Citation Harvard Law Review, Tells how to do legal citations in a consistent way, and how to read and find case law.