INSTRUCTIONS:  1.6. Inform Everyone You Know About the Federal Income Tax Fraud!

Because our federal income tax system is perpetuated by a combination of fear of the IRS and the ignorance of the law that allows that fear to be perpetuated, it is extremely important for you to inform everyone you know of the truth about the federal income tax and the laws that it is based on!  Excitedly and repeatedly make everyone you know aware of what you have found out and how their ignorance of the truth is not only hurting them, but destroying the freedoms and economic independence of their children and their families.  You can increase your effectiveness at spreading the truth by increasing your credibility.  You should do as much of your homework as you can if you are meeting people one-on-one to spread the truth, because they will certainly have a lot of questions and you should try your best to anticipate their questions and give them well-researched answers that will get them more interested in doing the research themselves.  Here are some ideas for evangelizing the truth about the Great Deception:

  1. Give people a copy of this book as a gift to your loved ones and family members.
  2. Take the afternoon off from work on April 15 every year.  Print copies of the “We The People” ( adds in USA Today and posted on this website.  Hand out the adds along with a pointer to our website to everyone who begrudgingly comes to mail their tax return at the eleventh hour.  People who come late usually owe money, and want to delay paying it.  Tell them they can get EVERYTHING they paid back!  This will get them really excited.
  3. If you are retired, become a teacher of the tax laws in the public schools.  As we stated in section 1.8.3, the IRS and the ABA are invited into public schools to “program and propagandize” kids on their legal obligation to pay taxes.  Use the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) to request a schedule of IRS/ABA visits to schools regarding tax instruction.  Arrange a similar “tax resistance” class the day before they arrive and tell the kids the WHOLE story!  They will be boo’ed out of the room when they show up!  You can also make a tape of your presentation and request that it be shown the day before the IRS/ABA arrive.  If the school shows bias and will let the IRS and the ABA show up but not you, then sue them for discrimination.
  4. 4.   Be excited and enthused about what you know.  Tell people the truth has changed your life and your perspective forever!  When you are passionate and enthused and informed, people will listen to you!

    “Do you homework and know your facts, but remember that it’s PASSION that persuades!”

  5. Spread the truth at social events, family gatherings, work, and every opportunity that presents itself.  Print out little flyers and hand them out to people.  Mention our website and any others you think appropriate.
  6. Gain access to the Public Access TV channel in your area.  Get on there in a suit and tie and patiently tell people every chance you get about the federal income tax fraud.  Point them to our website if they want more information.
  7. Send emails to the media.  Email them copies of this book or point them at our website.  This is especially effective right around tax time (April 15 every year).  Get them interested in doing a story on the illegality of the federal income tax.
  8. Go to sporting events and hand out copies of the USA Today adds we have on our website (in the Sovereignty Forms and Instructions Online).  Tell them they aren’t liable to pay federal income tax and give them our web address so they can download our “The Great IRS Hoax” book.
  9. Be ready to debate with anyone on a moment’s notice.  Do your homework and be well-informed, because you will be very convincing if you have.  If you aren’t sure about something, don’t guess, because people might research the answer and try to embarrass you.  Try to develop trust and credibility with the people you are trying to convince by giving well-researched answers.
  10. Join and sponsor tax honesty organizations that spread the truth, like “We the People” (
  11. Get a copy of several marketing databases from friends or public sources.  Send out mass emailings to people who are in the database with the Public Letter we have on our website and point readers to this website and other websites of that promote the truth about the income tax.  We are developing an automated Microsoft Access database to simplify these mass mailings.  Send hundreds or thousands of people an email pointing them to this website and every other website that exposes the truth!
  12. Get people mad that they have been lied to in the IRS publications.  And once you get them mad, ask them what they are going to do about it!
  13. Show them some of the scandals that have been going on in Chapters 2 and 6 of the Great IRS Hoax document to get them motivated and interested to learn more and researching the laws for themselves.
  14. Help friends and relatives prepare their tax filings to free them of the need to pay most federal income taxes.
  15. Organize a tax honesty group in your area.  Make the focus of the group to educate people about the federal income tax fraud.  Give lessons on the contents of this tax book and any others that you might find.
  16. Do NOT make your efforts to spread the truth into a for-profit enterprise, because people will question your motives and your integrity.  If you can’t or don’t want to be a volunteer, then we encourage you not to be involved at all, because you will damage the tax honesty movement and the credibility of the people in it.

It is very difficult for fear of the IRS and the tax laws to survive after people learn the truth.  You can be the messenger of truth.  You can be the Paul Revere that allows us to win the Revolution and correct the massive fraud that only survives because of our silence, apathy, disorganization, and fear.