INSTRUCTIONS:  2.2.  Get Informed and Be Prepared

"The British are Coming!"(Paul Revere) ----> "The IRS are coming!"

Knowledge is power.

The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance.

Liberty cannot long survive without an educated and informed and God fearing populace that is willing to stick up for what they believe. That is how this country was founded. We need to invest in ourselves and get educated about government, the political process, and especially the legal field. Passivity about these issues are the main reasons how we got to such a point of oppression by our government and why things will continue to get worse until more people get involved in the political process and in defending and litigating their rights.

The best place we know of to obtain materials for getting informed is the Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry Website found at  Our favorite resources on that website include:

  1. Sermons

  2. Liberty University-basics of freedom and sovereignty

  3. Forms-free forms for freedom fighters

  4. Litigation Tools-free templates, references, and tools for those litigating in defense of their rights