INSTRUCTIONS:  2.3.  Plan and Organize

You can't fight an organization without organization, and especially if that organization's chief goal is organized crime, extortion, and racketeering! There is nothing more important in the legal field than planning and organization. Of course there are other skills you will need as well, including good writing and presentation skills and a lot of patience and discipline to see your case through. But don't be discouraged, you can do it as thousands of companies have already done (see Taxation Topic, Section 17 for Case Studies)! Remember that your fight to force the IRS to obey the law is a war of attrition. They are counting on the fact that like most taxpayers, you won't have the guts or the energy or the legal wherewithal to stick up for what you believe. The more preparation and planning you do, the less likely they will be to want to litigate or compel you unlawfully. Don't ever give up and stick to what you believe in. It's not impossible and you can do it! The only way you can win the IRS mind game is to plan better and have more organization, energy, discipline, legal knowledge, vision, and skill than they can compete with or afford. And the less of YOUR money they get, the harder it will be to afford to litigate against you the next time or to afford expert legal advice. Another source of encouragement can be found in the fact that if you are wrongfully prosecuted, you can request an award of attorney fees against the IRS for wrongful prosecution. This will force them to pay your attorney fees because of their errors in interpreting the tax laws.