INSTRUCTIONS:  3.3. Use an Internet and Postal "Remailer" Service
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An important part of protecting your privacy is to use a “remailing service” when corresponding with the IRS, any part of the government, or your financial institutions.  Remailers are preferred over P.O. boxes or boxes at Mailboxes etc. or other outlets because regulations regarding P.O. boxes require the party who owns them to provide the physical address where they live, presumably in the interests of helping to cut down on mail fraud, which we don’t condone either.  A remailing service basically:

  1. Accepts either email or postal mail addressed to you and redirects it to your real address.
  2. Accepts outbound email or postal mail from you and changes the source email or postal address.

This approach is perfectly legal and very powerful for maintaining complete privacy and confidentiality, both geographically and electronically.  To find an email remailer service, simply search for the word “remailer” on the Internet, and you will be amazed at what you find. 

To find a postal remailer service, search on the Internet with the phrase “remailer AND letter”.

Whatever approach you decide on, ensure that there is no way contractually that they are allowed to give our your real identity or physical address, whether it be by court order or by some government agent calling your provider up and simply asking.  If the provider can give out information about you under any circumstance, then you are wasting your money to pay for the service.