INSTRUCTIONS:  4.22.  Protect Yourself From Illegal Acts of Government Extortion

The U.S. government and the IRS frequently will try to use any unethical or illegal means at their disposal to frame, discredit, coerce, or blackmail individuals who refuse to pay their taxes into confessing crimes they didn’t commit.  Such lawless acts of extortion by our dishonest government ought to be prosecuted under the RICO statutes found in 18 U.S.C. 225.but seldom are.

If you are a de-taxing expert, the IRS may do any one of the following, against you:

  1. Pursue a federal conviction under 26 U.S.C. 6700 for Abusive Tax Shelters.
  2. Show up on your doorstep one day posing as a prospective client who needs help hiding illegally obtained funds, for instance.  For such a case, they will ask you to hide such assets and then try to prosecute you for money laundering under 18 U.S.C. 1957.
  3. Pay off someone to lie about you by saying that they were one of your clients and that you did something illegal or unethical.  They will then prosecute you based on this false allegation, and if you deny it, they will also prosecute you for fraud and false writings under 18 U.S.C. 1018.
  4. They will appear in black ninja outfits armed with guns in violation of their delegated authority found in 26 U.S.C. 7608 and proceed to raid your office or place of business and illegally seize all of your records and computer assets without any kind of court order.  They will also seize your assets so you don’t have the financial resources to fight back legally.  This is what the IRS did most recently to Johnny Liberty in Feb. 2001 and Steven Swan in January 2002, and Lynne Meredith in 1999.  They will then use the illegally seized records to go after your clients and dig up mud to throw at you in court.
  5. Fraudulently accuse you of trying to bribe an agent to obtain favor from the jury.

All of the activities above are most often done on nonfederal property and outside the territorial and subject matter jurisdiction of the federal government identified in 40 U.S.C. 255.  Such activities also violate the authority of the federal government, which has no police powers inside the borders of the states.  Our dishonest federal government counts on the fact that the people they will go after don’t know this and can’t or won’t challenge their jurisdiction.  The less you know about the law, the more likely you are to become their target for such extortion because they pick their battles carefully.  These scum bags play hardball and you should be ready for such illegal acts of extortion and blackmail at all times by:

1.   Never doing anything illegal or unethical.

2.   Asset protection:

2.1.   Move your assets into trusts and state or foreign corporations to protect your privacy.

2.2.   Get an unnumbered account not associated with any name and use that to keep your private funds.  Do not allow them to send any paper statements via the mail that might end up laying around your office.

2.3.   Use W-8’s to open financial accounts and ensure that none of your accounts have social security numbers associated with them.

3.   Choose your clients carefully:

3.1.   Insisting on proper and complete identification of all clients who deal with you.

3.2.   Not dealing with any dishonest or unethical clients.

4.   Privacy:

4.1.   Use your fifth Amendment rights to protect your privacy.

4.2.   Opt-out at all your financial institutions so that they are not allowed to disclose financial information about you to third parties.

4.3.    Protecting your privacy vigilantly as we describe in section

4.4.   Conduct transactions in cash where possible.

4.5.   Use third party checks from clients with blank payee fields to pay your bills where possible.

5.   Financial records:

5.1.   Keeping your paper financial records offsite under a name other than yourself so they can’t be located as we recommend in section    Don’t keep any paper records about these storage places onsite.

5.2.   Scanning paper items into your computer and keeping them in secured and electronic form on your computer so they can’t be examined by prying eyes and shred them after they have been scanned.

5.3.   Use a password authenticated operating system on your computer so you need the password to get in.

5.4.   Keeping regular backup copies of your electronic data offsite with your paper records under a name other than yours.

5.5.   Not keeping any paper records or unsecured electronic records onsite that would link you to the place you store your records.

5.6.   Paying the bill for your record storage facility years in advance in cash and making sure they never call you or bill you at your place of work so you could be linked to the storage facility.

5.7.   Have a hotkey on all your computers preprogrammed to lock up your computer and/or encrypt its contents immediately so that the government can’t break in and view it.

6.   Keep a digital camera ready at all times so you can take pictures of all the people and vehicles involved in an illegal government raid for use in court as evidence.